Thursday, November 18, 2010

TSC Heart of a Champion Review by Aaron J. from Dallas TX

TSC Heart of a Champion Results

Real Results Real People

Aaron J. in Dallas Texas

Chris, I know I’ve thanked you before, but I just want to reiterate my appreciation for all the work you put into creating the Heart of a Champion program, maintaining your vlogs and answering what must be an overwhelming amount of email from those of us following your program. I can very honestly say that I am at the best level of physical fitness I have ever! I’m faster and I’m stronger than I’ve every been. I lettered in Golf in high school, but I was never really the athletic type. The Heart of a Champion Program is so easy to follow that everyone should be doing it. My workouts were all 40 minutes or less, usually its closer to 20 or 25 min! Everyone has that amount of time in their day to experience true health and fitness. The TSC principles are a part of my life now, it's no longer just a “program” for me; It's a lifestyle. When I started I didn’t think I’d ever be able to complete a 2 mile run, but now I’m running faster than I imagined, 8 minute miles are easy for me. I couldn’t do lunges or squats with a bar when I started, now I am using moderate weight for both. I have seen so much progress in such a short amount of time. It’s been amazing. Period.

I think the hardest part of the whole thing is getting started. If you can just get up enough courage and commitment to making it happen then you have accomplished THE most difficult part of this and the rest is just following the program.

During my second week on the Heart of a Champion Program my wife started noticing results and asked me to buy her a copy of the program as well. She is now on week 8 and we have thoroughly enjoyed spending time training and cooking together. In fact, one of my favorite experiences was on a Saturday night, October 30th when we were doing our TSC 300 Challenge in the late evening. We both did our pull-ups and push-ups then ran (alternating of course, because our 3 year old is sleeping). When my wife got back she had a real spring in her step and was feeling pretty fast, so she said “soon we’re going to have to race honey to see who’s the fastest; I ran pretty fast tonight”. When I had finished my run pretty good myself and immediately challenged her to a short race. She hemmed and hawed and said there was no place to do it, so I suggested under the street lights in front of our house. So, at 11:00pm my wife and I just traipsed out front and started running sprints from the hood of our neighbor’s car to the end of the street. We even had a neighbor come out to ask what the heck we were doing. Our neighbor stayed out to “officiate”. This is a concrete example of how the TSC Heart of a Champion Program has positively effected my marriage. It has provided a healthy and fun way for us to spend good quality time together.

I also take my three year old to Jr. High football track and she LOVES running shuttles with me, after a few shuttles she’ll sit down and say “Daddy, I’m tired, I’ll say go instead” and she’ll wait for me to line up and will call “go” for me. She also wants to be able to do a pull up so bad. These past ten weeks have been a blast for me and my family.

I’ve built muscle and burned fat. I went to the doctor recently and he declared that I was no longer at risk for hypertension. My blood pressure has dropped 20 points since I started the TSC Heart of a Champion program and I feel great. Thanks for everything.

-Aaron J.

Dallas, TX

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Monday, October 25, 2010

p90x results and recovery drink

Checkout this email from Levi.
Hey Chris, I need some advice on programs and supplements. Recently, I started doing P90X. I've been on the program for 64 days now, and I'm not seeing near the results they had promised on the infomercials. The bad thing is I'm working out with this program for 2 hours everyday, I'm in far superior shape to what I was prior to starting, but I'm not getting any definition like you have. I recently stumbled upon your vlogs, and I'm very impressed at how you strive to motivate people to be their best. I feel very motivated by your videos, but I don't feel very motivated with P90X because it's all the time talking about being Xtreme!! I push myself very hard, but it's frustrating to work out 2 hours each day and not see results after 64 days. I was hoping you could give me more information on the TSC Heart of a Champion program, so I can become the very best that I can be.

Another thing P90X strongly advocates are supplements. Currently, the only thing I'm taking is pure whey protein powder with milk as a post workout drink. I don't like the idea of having to buy really expensive supplements just to have a great body. They sell things like, "P90X recovery drink, P90X multivitamin, P90X protein bars." I want to know what the best supplement to take actually is, I'm not the biggest fan of supplementation, but let me know anyway. Another thing is the P90Xers are constantly trying to sell me all this weird shit like the vitamins, recovery drink, etc. I feel like these guys are more out to make a profit than to spread health and wellness to an obese nation. This one guy yesterday wanted me to become a beachbody coach, so he could get paid for it. He blatantly told me that himself, he said, "if you sign up to be a beachbody coach I'll get a 25% commission from your sign up fee." That doesn't sound like he's out there helping the people to me, it sounds like he's wanting to earn some extra cash. Let me know what's good, and try to get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks!

Here's my response:

Levi, Thanks for watching and writing. Levi, p90x is brilliant marketing and
very poor training. P90X's ability to convince people to buy a "living
room/DVD fitness" program is unprecedented. You've already experienced
everything you can gain from P90X (you got into "better shape"), but
like Albert Einstein said, "doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity," which coincidentally,
happens to be the name of P90X's sequel program.

As far as the shakes, vitamins, and protein bars, it's just a marketing ploy
to get people to purchase more crap that they don't need so that
Beachbody can make more money. As far as the "Beachbody Coaches" it's
a simple pyramid sales scheme. These "coaches" know absolutely nothing
about health, fitness, proper training, nutrition or anything else.
The "coaches" completed a living room fitness program, other than that they have absolutely
zero qualifications.

If you're ready for real training, real nutrition and real results (in much
less time) so that you can look, feel, and be your best then you
should get started on the TSC Heart of a Champion Program immediately,
before you waste another week doing "Xtreme living room fitness."

You can get the program right: and make it happen.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TSC in Hong Kong

Success in Hong Kong. TSCers are making it happen all over the world. Get Started now, what could you accomplish in the next 70 days?

I remember a time when I was very athletic, slim, fit. A time where I could eat whatever and whenever I wanted and still not gain anything. That time wasn't too long ago, just a few years ago. Then suddenly I found myself heavy, sluggish, lazy and tired ALL the time. I would sleep 10-11 hours and still be very tired. Until one day my girlfriend asked " What happened to the guy I used to date?" " The guy with the six pack?"

That threw me over the ledge and I was fed up with myself. I started to surf the internet and found The TSC Heart of a Champion Program and got excited. I was going to become the guy I used to be.

That is exactly what your program has given me. I find myself feeling like I used to be. I'm energized, enthusiastic and alive. Your program is more than a exercise regiment, it's a revival program. It's life changing. I look forward to each training session. I used to hate running, but now I looking forward to my cardio sessions more than the other days.

Now that I have completed the 10 weeks, I don't feel like stopping. Not like the other diet programs I've been on. I feel like now, daily physical activity is part of my life. This is a great habit to have. Thanks so much Chris.

Regards from Hong Kong,

Get with the program:
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to Train for a Marathon

First, watch this video:

Then choose a better goal.

Get started on the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen:

Monday, October 4, 2010

Drew in NJ

I love emails like this...

Hi Chris,

I'm very impressed as I continue to watch your inspiring YouTube videos. I want to thank you for putting this program together. You are LIVING proof that it can be done! After purchasing your program and reading it over, I really like the way you spell it all out, it couldn't be simpler!

My biggest problem is procrastinating doing a little exercise and getting results but never keeping it up and going to the next level. I truly have the tools to get there now! The program is a great way to motivate and get me moving!

Take care and keep up the great work!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mother of 3 Boys Has the Heart of a Champion

I just received this email from Christina, she's a mother of 3 young boys and a former US Marine. She purchased the TSC Heart of a Champion Program 10 days ago and is making it happen!

First off, thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my YouTube page. It made my day. I seriously can't describe to you how this program is literally changing my life! In so many ways do I feel stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally. Its crazy because I am only on Week 2, but from day 1 I felt the difference. For 4 years I have been trying to lose the weight and become healthy, but have failed over and over. I even scheduled Lap Band Surgery, but at the last minute I backed out because deep down I knew there was a right way to get healthy. I just needed to get my drive back and have the proper guidance (you and Heart of a Champion Program). Purchasing TSC Heart of a Champion Program is the smartest investment I have made in years.
I am no stranger to dedication and commitment, I was in the Marine Corps for 4 years so I know what it takes. This is why I like your "Santa Monica Rings" video, it reminds me of the obstacle courses in the Corps and how happy and fit I used to be.
I hope this wasn't TMI, but I just wanted to express my gratitude towards you. I will contact you if I struggle in any area ;-)

Join Christina on the TSC Heart of a Champion Program right now and start making it happen for yourself. Best, CK.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ectomorphs, Do you want to know how to Gain Weight?

Two days ago I received this email from a self-proclaimed "skinny ectomorph."

I just wanted to ask you if your program would help an Ectomorph such as myself gain weight and obtain a body such as yourself? I'm 6'0, 145lbs and can eat anything I want constantly, everyday and not gain a single pound. I'm about to be 22, but still have the body of a 16 yr old boy and have been the same weight since my sophomore year in High School. All everyone keeps telling me is I will have to add supplements, creatine, and all kinds of other BS to my diet/workout routine which I DO NOT want to do and therefore your Heart of a Champion program intrigues me since I know you don't believe in supplements. Does the Heart of a Champion program have everything I need to know to GAIN weight and add muscle without supplements? If so then I'm on board to buy your program!

It was a great question, so I made this video and sent him the link. Click on the video so that you can watch it on youtube.

Brian purchased the TSC Heart of a Champion Program after watching the video and sent me this email.

Thank you for your detailed response. I feel like finding your channel on youtube was not a coincidence and you truly seem like an honest and true individual when it comes to your program and helping people reach their fitness goals. The fact that you made a video addressing me even sold me more on your program, so I just got through ordering it and downloading it to my PC. Just skimming through it for 30 seconds I was amazed at the level of detail in each of the sections in it. I look forward to starting the program and am going to start looking for a gym RIGHT NOW so I can begin ASAP. Like you said, today is the best day to start the transformation, not tomorrow.

I'll be watching more of your videos. I'm glad I could give you inspiration for your latest one, you yourself have given me inspiration to gain MUSCLE and better health and fitness.

Brian is making it happen. Join him.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thank you, Aaron.

I just read an amazing email from Aaron J, a TSCer in Texas. The message was poignant and touching and filled my heart with new inspiration and motivation to spread the life affirming message of the The Heart of a Champion.

Aaron's email was very personal, so I will only share the last two lines.
Thanks Chris, I know you pour a lot of energy into this and I want you to know that it is truly affecting lives, marriages, and generations. Take care, and continue working to be your best.
It's amazing how much the honest pursuit of true health and fitness can change your life. When you have The Heart of a Champion everything improves, your life, your marriage and the lives of your children. Aaron is Making it Happen and I'm very proud and happy for him.

Is it time for you to Make it Happen? Imagine what you can accomplish in the next 70 days.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Success in Switzerland

I just received this email today. I love his attitude and optimism.

I purchased the TSC Heart of a Champion program couple weeks ago (beginning the fourth week today to be precise).

I have to start this mail by saying that this program is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. In terms of motivation, I'm waking up and getting out of bed quickly in the morning; instead of hitting the snooze button on my alarm for an hour every morning, I get up and go to the gym every morning. Only that is a great start !

The training portion of the program is great, to be honest, it's real hard for someone like me who hasn't worked out in 5-6 years but great !

Even though I still can't do a pull up, I can feel myself getting stronger each week, I know I will get there eventually!

-G.N. in Switzerland

All around the world, TSCers are taking control of their lives and achieving success. Join them. Start training with the TSC Heart of a Champion Program right now. Make it Happen.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

70 Days

What are you doing for the next ten weeks?


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Success in Sweden

CK, I have always wanted a healthy lifestyle but didn't get anywhere with it. I'm in my 20th year and for the past 8 years I have been diagnosed with serious depression. Well no freaking kidding!

I sat with my computer going on in my imaginary world hoping for something! I should have changed my lifestyle myself, but nobody around me ever told me something I could do to get better. The doctors gave me "medicine" to treat my depression, but nothing really helped. I ate one meal a day (dinner), loads of sugar, coffee etc... During this time I was so ill that I couldn't attend school.

Finally, I excluded my parents from my decision making process and started really thinking about what was best for me. You can call it Providence, but the next day I found your program. Sure I was skeptic, since p90x didn't work for me. Was it real or fake? I took a leap of faith, bought your program and I'm know starting my fourth week! I was able to start and follow your program while quitting the "medicine" and smoking! My life has changed is so dramatically, it's totally transformed, and it's only WEEK FOUR!

Your program was a wake up call. This is the first time in the last 5 years I have had a routine and even though I have had my withdrawal from the addictions I feel better than I have in a long time :)

THANK YOU, Looking forward to seeing your new vlogs and hearing from you!
Cheers from Sweden,

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I love emails like this...

Thanks for everything! I just purchased the TSC Heart of a Champion Program, its amazing. Now I can go to the gym and know exactly what I'm doing step by step. I took my before picture and started my 300 workout this past Saturday. I thought I would have done better I ran 3 miles in 44 minutes. I'm motivated, I'm about to work on my legs now at the gym, but thanks Chris you're a Godsend. Just, wait till u see my after pics, I can't wait. Thanks for everything. -AJ

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Chris Krueger on Facebook

TSCers, Please add my page on facebook. It's constantly updated with new TSC vids and articles.

Check it out:


That's facebook dot com slash, Krueger Twenty-Four, Seven
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Greg, Makes it Happen at age 46

Greg decided enough was enough and it was time to change his life. So he did. About a year ago he saw an infomercial for the most fabulously marketed training program of all time, P90X, here's what Greg had to say...

Like millions of others, I saw P90X infomercial on TV and was convinced to give it a try. I worked hard and had good results. However as most of us have busy schedules it is hard to maintain 60-90 minutes a day for working out. Also the key to any program is nutrition plan and the simpler the better. Chris cuts through all the BS and tells you what really works. His nutrition program is simple and straightforward and his training program takes less than 35 minutes a day on average!

I completed 10 weeks on The TSC Heart of a Champion Program and scored an amazing 270 pts on my final TSC 300 Challenge (That's an "A" Fitness grade). I'm ecstatic with my results, at 46 I look great and feel younger than I have in years, maybe decades!

As Chris continues to spread his message of true health and fitness, I will be there to support him! His encouragement motivates me to keep improving and striving for my full potential.

I also purchased and studied the Athlean-X program. In comparing the three programs, P90x, Athlean-X and The TSC Heart of a Champion. I really feel that Chris's program is the best and most straight forward program on the market. It's also the only one doesn't use the letter "X" for Xtreme in the title. Chris knows that true health & fitness is about living a balanced lifestyle, not being an Xtremist.

Natural, Fit, Fast and Strong,

Greg M.
Ontario, OR
TSCers, you can checkout Greg's progress on his website: If you're inspired by Greg's story and candor, you can click on the TSC Link in his website to download the program instantly and begin your own Transformation journey to True Health and Fitness.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

This Is Why I Do TSC

TSCers, you might not realize this, but "doing" TSC takes me over 60 hours a week. I'm constantly working on new content, articles and videos as well as personally replying to hundreds of emails. It's a lot of work but emails like this one from a young female TSCer make it all worth it.

Hi Chris,

I wrote to you back in January about the TSC Heart of a Champion Program. I enthusiastically got started with the training, and found myself looking forward to the daily workouts and excited about improving my fitness. The reason for my interest in the program was that I was working very hard to find a way to achieve health and balance in my eating and exercise habits after over a decade of struggling with an eating disorder. This past fall, I was forced to leave school and miss out on my senior year of college in order to enter treatment. For various reasons, the first program I found didn’t work out. I decided to do what I could on my own to build a healthier lifestyle, which is when I sought out your training program. However, a few weeks after I started TSC, I made the decision to enter a residential treatment program. Since then, I have continued to struggle, but I am more motivated than ever to continue working towards health and recovery. I’ve literally wasted years of my life to anorexia and bulimia. For the past several years, instead of spending time with friends and pursuing the activities I enjoy, I’ve been locked in a constant battle with my body—a battle which by its very nature cannot be won. Instead of fighting against my body, I want to work with my body to live a happier, healthier life. For that reason, I am excited to embark upon the Heart of a Champion program once again (under the supervision of my treatment team). The emphasis your program places on health, improvement, and achieving one’s personal best (as opposed to following some crash diet to lose weight) has inspired me to use TSC as a resource in my ongoing journey to achieve balance with food, weight, and exercise. Today was "day one" for me, and I started my day right with an awesome leg workout, and then after work went for a walk in the sunshine along Lake Michigan's lakefront trail. It was a great day.

I know you are a very busy guy, and I realize I may be “over-sharing” to some extent. Nevertheless, I thought you might be interested to hear about the way your program, and more specifically, your overall philosophy, has impacted my changing approach to health and fitness. There are so many destructive, unhealthy, and just blatantly false images and messages that we are bombarded with on a daily basis, and I think you’re doing really important work by spreading the message that there’s a different, better way to do things. Thank you for sharing your insight.

Take good care,


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Trouble with Motivation

Here's another real email exchange between me and a TSCer, enjoy:

How's it going man? I'm a former D1 baseball player here from Texas. I used to be involved in working out all the time; eating right, and all around taking care of myself. Unfortunately, I have taken a 180 degree turn for the worse. I Don't eat right, don't workout, and don't take care of myself these days (smoking, drinking, staying out late...etc.) I need some help dude. I used to be so motivated, but after baseball I kind of just let myself go.
Anyways, what I'm asking for is some tips I guess on how to get back into a routine. I did P90x for awhile, but that got boring. I started skipping workouts and eventually quit altogether. I need to quit talking about it and actually doing something, but for some reason I'm having trouble getting motivated to do so. Please if you have any tips on getting into a routine or even a "pep" talk... anything would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,


I responded promptly with the following email:

Eric, It's your life. Make a decision. Either you want to be a fat, lazy piece of crap or you want to be your best. Choose.


That's a much harsher tone than I normally use, but I could tell that Eric was could handle it. Sometimes we need to be coddled and cajoled and sometimes we need a reality check and a swift kick in the pants to get us moving. He replied with the following email:

Simple, but effective...thanks man. Keep doin' what ya do! -Eric.

Get The TSC Heart of a Champion Training & Nutrition Program right now and take control of your life. It's your life and your choice. Choose to be your best.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Triple Transformation

I just had this email exchange with a new TSCer named Michael. He's about to begin training with The TSC Heart of a Champion Program. He left a comment on one of my youtube videos and wanted to know more about my 10 week transformation, so he sent me the following email:

While I understand you may be busy, I was wondering if you had any comments on the comment I posted about you gaining 20+% of body fat in your 11/09-02/10 transformation video. I understand being laid up in bed with an injury but that is a lot of weight to put on over a short period of time.
I'm excited to start your program next week! Well, after my 300 Challenge on Saturday. I've actually been using the Insanity program recently and while it may be great cardio, it's not an all purpose workout routine. Plus, while the P90X and Insanity nutrition books give decent guidelines, they're mainly recipes and promoting their "fitness shakes". It was good to see a no-BS type of nutrition guide that was very simple to follow. Thanks in advance! - Mike TSCer finding his Heart of a Champion
Then I quickly responded with the following email:

Michael, Here's what happened... I grew up a very skinny and weak kid despite playing sports and lifting weights. I was fed up with failure and buying into what the magazines and supplement companies were preaching. With the help of many great influences (Books, teachers, football coaches, soccer coaches, baseball coaches, hockey coaches, speed skating experts, athletic performance specialists track coaches, basketball coaches, professional bodybuilders, professional trainers, plyometrics specialists, and a former strength coach from the Bulgarian National Team) I developed my own unique training and nutrition philosophy for body transformation and peak athletic performance. From age 20 to 21 I rapidly transformed my body, from a skinny wimp to an 8-packed confident dude.

I then began helping my friends transform their bodies. I was the driving force behind a challenge that saw two of my best friends from high school each burn over 80 lbs of fat, build muscle and totally change their lives in just a few short months. From there I continued helping more of my friends to accomplish their goals. I also earned my CSCS, it's the designation held by elite strength and conditioning coaches in the United States and around the world.

In early 2007 I moved to LA. I was distracted by all that Hollywood had to offer and I strayed a little bit from my proven path, I still played sports and enjoyed physical activity, but I wasn't consistently pursuing my full potential. I let myself settle for mediocrity and being in "okay" shape. That changed when a close friend of mine was interested in getting back into shape. I took the opportunity to reassess my life and decided that settling for mediocre fitness was unacceptable, especially when I knew how little time it took to be in peak condition, so that I could look and feel my best. I rounded up a few friends and implemented a transformation challenge just for fun. We did a 6 week (42 days) challenge with everybody doing there own "routine" and trying to get the best results possible. I gave some advice to a few of the competitors, but I was the only that possessed all the proven principles of my training philosophy. In six weeks time (October 12th 2008 - November 23rd 2008) I was back at my best, I was fit, fast, and strong again, and it felt great. It's amazing how different you feel when you train properly and eat right. When you know exactly what to do. You end up investing just 35 minutes a day in yourself and it really pays off. I was having so much fun helping my friends and inspiring transformations that I decided to really develop TSC. I sat down and wrote an action plan for people to follow that would use my proven philosophy and exact training methods to give people a road map to real transformation success without all the baloney (take these shakes, buy these nutrition bars, pop these pills, etc). That action plan went through a few revisions until it become the current version of The TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program. The most powerful step by step body transformation guide ever created, it works every time and for everybody that chooses to accept the challenge and finish the program.
Then in the fall of 2009 I took a job coaching football at a small college in California. One day at work I was asked to lift something that was heavy and awkward. I strained and strained and allowed my spine to become curved (improper form) and ended up herniating 2 discs in my back. I could barely move for several months. The lack of exercise was depressing, some nights I would wake up to go to the bathroom and the pain would be so bad that I couldn't stand upright. I would have to walk my hands along the wall to make it to the toilet. I started eating poorly (it turns out that lack of exercise and poor eating go hand in hand), my hormones felt all out of balance and I became a fat slob in a matter of a few months.

By Thanksgiving 2009 I was fed up. I hated being fat, gross and sweaty. I don't understand how people can live like that. My back had recovered to the point where I could resume exercise and I immediately started following the TSC Heart of a Champion Program EXACTLY as it's written. I put my own words into action and triumphantly rebuilt my body one day at a time for 10 weeks. Each day I would feel better, look better, and improve in every way. My TSC 300 Challenge score skyrocketed by 150 points in just 10 weeks. I went from fat, sluggish and literally obese on Thanksgiving Day to fit, fast and strong by Super Bowl Sunday (February 7th) 10 weeks later. Six months after I started the Heart of a Champion program I was legitimately in the best shape of my life.

Thanks to the TSC programs, today my life is totally balanced. My training still only takes about 35 minutes a day and I'm continually able to improve and enjoy life to the fullest. When you have the exact action plan and simple rules to follow it's easy to live life at (or very near) your full potential.
Now that I've transformed myself three times, from a skinny wimp incapable of doing a single pull-up, from a guy satisfied with mediocre fitness and from obesity as the result of a devastating back injury, my goal is to spread the empowering message of true health and fitness to as many people as possible. I want people to know that we can easily transform our bodies and maximize our potential by following a simple action plan based on my proven philosophy. It doesn't take any skill, talent, special shakes, supplements, or anything "extreme" or "insane" just consistent effort and the right plan.


PS: Michael, I'm going to post this exchange on my blog. Thanks for writing and email me if you ever have any questions. CK.

Make it Happen. Don't rush it, CRUSH it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letter from a Former Marine

Recently Josh S. a served 4 years as an active duty US Marine. He's been out of service for a few years and is living in the Chicago area purchased. He just purchased the TSC Heart of a Champion program and sent me this email.
Okay, I do have one question, I read through your program and you say their is no such thing as a bulking and cutting stage, then how am i supposed to get big. I'm a pretty skinny guy with not a lot of muscle mass its hard for me to gain muscle. I am an ectomorph body type with a pretty quick metabolism. Well, right now I'm not that skinny I weigh around 170 and I'm 5'11 but not a lot of muscle and I have man boobs, how do you get rid of those? After I get thinner I want to get bigger with lean muscle but I want to lose the man boobs and I don't know how I got those, I need your help. What about plateauing, you never mentioned that, won't my muscles get used to the same exercises? - Josh S.

I responded promptly with the following email.
Josh, Great question, for your current situation you would check the ideal weight chart on page 10. Since you are 5'11" your ideal weight range is 172-200lbs. Since you're already 170 and worried about your body fat and man boobs, I suggest that you set a goal weight of 172. Since you're within 10 lbs of your goal weight you should start with nutrition profile number 3, BALANCE (page 14). Since 172 is closer to 170, than 175 you should use the BALANCE profile for a goal weight of 170. That means you will be eating 2271 calories per day, with 170 g of protein, 284 g's of carbs, and 51 g's of fat. Also, make sure that you're consuming those calories while also following the Nutrition-10.

You will start burning fat and building muscle immediately. Crank up your bonus activities to see results faster. You can adjust the nutrition profiles from week to week, but with your current situation you will steadily progress towards being ripped and lean at 172 pounds. Once you get to a lean 172 you can adjust your goal weight to a higher number like 184, and then chose profile 4, BUILD to continue seeing lean gains and avoid "plateaus."

Also, the concept of "plateaus" is also kind of bogus. The real goal is for you to be YOUR BEST. Not THE biggest person or THE strongest person. By following the program your body will naturally progress to being its best. You'll be Fit, Fast, Strong and LEAN. Let me ask you this, did Michael Jordan plateau at 216? of course not, he found the point at which he was his ABSOLUTE BEST. Getting any bigger or heavier would have meant sacrificing speed, vertical and quickness. You body will naturally reach the point at which you are your best when you give it the The Heart of a Champion.

Also, in ten weeks you can get THE NEXT STEP for FREE. So you will be able to make more progress, see more improvement and BE YOUR BEST.

Start thinking of your ideal body and ideal self and live up to that image. Raise your standards for everything and make it happen. Picture yourself at 182 lbs, 30 inch waist, chiseled chest, powerful back, strong legs, great arms, cannon ball shoulders and RIPPED ABS. Each day that you follow the TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program you take yourself a step closer to realizing your vision of your ideal self. Deep down inside you are that person, it's up to you make it happen and bring that person to the surface for the whole world to see.

Thanks for writing,

Get the and start you Transformation Journey right now

Saturday, June 19, 2010

TSC Mail Bag

TSCers, from time to time, I'd like to share some actual email exchanges that I have with TSCers around the world.

Michael J. wrote the following email:

Chris, you're looking insanely ripped in that new bicep video man, you have a very impressive physique. I hope you don't mind me asking, but I have tons of questions for you.

1. What's your diet like in order to achieve that low of body fat in your new bicep video?

2. Did you achieve the musculature in that video only by training with the TSC plan?

3. Is it possible to gain weight while having that low body fat?

4. What kind of cardio do you do to get that low body fat and how many days a week do you do it?

5. Do you still train in the morning on an empty stomach? Because I remember reading somewhere it is great for burning fat, but it can also burn muscle (since I'm an ectomorph, I don't want to lose my muscle lol). Should I be worrying about this or just suck it up?

Thanks for everything, you really inspire me to improve my health and fitness. Really, I can't thank you enough, you are an amazing inspiration to me.
And this was my response:
Thanks for writing me. I'm usually able to respond to all my emails within 72 hours but the past two weeks have been crazy. Thanks for watching the biceps video, more training vids like that one are on the way.

To answer your questions:

1. My diet: currently I'm following the Nutrition-10 rules (like everyone should) and eating on the "Balance" profile for a goal weight of 200 pounds. On the new TSC Program you can adjust your goal weight and your profile to find exactly how much you should be eating to achieve the results you want.

2. Yes. There are actually 3 TSC plans that can be rotated during the year, the first one is the Heart of a Champion Transformation program which lays the foundation for the more advanced programs. They are all based around my principle based training philosophy.

3. Yes. You can and should maintain low body fat (between 4-12%) pretty much your entire life. To increase your weight you'll just have to adjust your goal weight and nutrition profile. If you start getting fat then you just readjust your profile or goal weight.

4. The cardio workouts are in the program. You'll do two 20 minute cardio sessions during the week and the 300 challenge on Saturday. Beyond that you can choose to do bonus activities (I recommend walking and hiking) and TSC Super Cardio workouts, if you want too.

5. Yes, Usually that's what I like to do. I'm busy just like everyone else, but I make it a priority. However, sometime I just can't make it to the gym until lunch time, in that case I will eat when I wake up and never within an hour of training. So if I wake up at 6am, I'll eat 6:15 and 9:15 and hit the gym at noon. Or if I wake up at 9am, I'll eat breakfast and hit the gym at noon. There are also rules for post workout nutrition, but they are covered in the program too.

Chris K.
You can get start transforming you body right now. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

True Happiness

The Lakers just one the NBA Championship. For many of the players this is the culmination of a lifelong dream. They worked hard, persevered in a constant effort to improve and make it to the next level. They endured setbacks and tribulations but finally achieved the ultimate success in their profession.

I watched the game at a bar in my hometown with two high school friends. Sitting near us was a huge Lakers fan, literally, the man was over three hundred pounds and decked out in purple from head to toe. He chanted defense when the Lakers needed a stop and cheered wildly when they sank their free throws. As the final buzzer sounded, he erupted into a euphoric display of emotion, running around high-fiving all of his fellow Lakers fans and talking smack to the Celtics' supporters.

I watched in amusement as this behemoth celebrated as if he was part of team and he had accomplished a lifelong dream. He hadn't. I'm certain he's a huge fan, but what does that entail really? It means you "invest" $200 on an authentic Kobe jersey and spend 84+ nights a year drinking beer and yelling at your television when the refs call Kobe for a foul?

What if this man spent more of his valuable resources, time and money, finding ways to improve his life? I'm certain he would enjoy more real happiness, instead of the fleeting false happiness that comes from celebrating others achievements.

Instead of cheering for the players he should begin emulating their drive and work ethic in his own life, because real happiness is spawned by achievement. That's why the players are truly happy, they've worked hard and achieved the pinnacle of their profession.

If you want to be really happy you will dedicate yourself to the pursuit of achievements that are real and meaningful to yourself. Such as making the varsity, being accepted to a good school, graduating from a good school, getting a good job, earning a promotion, finding the person that you want to spend your life with, building a strong marriage, raising a loving family, purchasing your dream home, helping your children succeed. These are real and meaningful achievements that foster authentic happiness.

So what should our fanatic Lakers fan do? How about investing some time in himself and working to transform his body. That's a real and meaningful accomplishment that could be achieved with some hard work and perseverance. Plus I'm certain that women will be more attracted to a healthy and fit man, than a 300 pounder wearing a purple tank top with another man's last name stitched on it.

Then he could apply the lessons he learned from his transformation to all aspects of his daily life. He could find solutions, overcome obstacles and ACHIEVE TRUE HAPPINESS.

Rhetorically, how insane is it that we live in a nation of obese sports fanatics? I enjoy watching sports but wouldn't we all have more fun if we shut off our TV's and went outside and played sports instead of just watching them?

Today, I woke up with a smile on my face because I knew that later in the morning I would run as fast as I possibly could. When was the last time that you pushed your limits and ran as fast as possible? You watch athletes do it all the time on TV, but when was the last time that you truly sprinted your heart out? It's an amazing feeling and it's free!

And you know whats even better? Improving your speed so that your fastest becomes faster and faster.

I've strayed tangentially from my intended topic, but my main point is, invest more of your time and money into your own achievement. Stop spending so much time and energy cheering for millionaire athletes. Instead invest yourself in things that truly matter.

Chris Krueger

PS: If you're ready to invest in yourself and transform your body, you can take the proven and direct path to true health and fitness
Kobe Photo by Keith Allison

Saturday, June 12, 2010

TSC Heart of a Champion Traning & Nutrition Program NOW AVAILABLE


Greetings from sunny Southern California. Thank you for your interest in the TSC Heart of a Champion 3.0 Training & Nutrition Program. It literally just became available. This is the exact program I used to rebuild my body after a devastating back injury that caused two herniated discs in my lower spine. After just 10 weeks of following the program I'd totally transformed. In 10 weeks I'd burned over 50 lbs of fat and built new lean muscle. The program burns fat and builds muscle. It works for everyone it doesn't matter if you are too fat, too skinny, too weak or have "bad genetics."

The new version of the program has been totally revamped and upgraded across the board. The nutrition portion has been upgraded the most and now features 5 Nutrition profiles that allow you to tailor the program to your specific needs. The training section of the program has been tweaked and streamlined to make it even more efficient and effective than ever before. I've also added a ten-step transformation checklist to get you started immediately. A comprehensive goal-setting section ensures that you are establishing the right goals and maximizing your potential. The new program features a journal for you to log your training sessions and track your progress during the entire 10 weeks. Plus I've added a proper form section to ensure safety and effectiveness. In short, the new version of the TSC Heart of a Champion Training & Nutrition Program is the most powerful transformation guide ever created.

Plus the distribution of the new program is much easier. I used to require TSCers to submit an honest head-to-toe bathing suit "before photo" before they could access the program, plus there were delays on my end as it took longer to process the program requests with the photo requirement. Now, you can download the program instantly anywhere in the world. It will certainly be the wisest investment you ever make. Imagine improving the way you look, feel and perform everyday for the rest of this summer and making a transformation that maximizes your potential and allows you to live a longer, fuller, happier life. You'll look great, feel confident and be your best.

By following the program you will see incredible results naturally. You'll be amazed at how much your body will transform in such short amount of time. The program provides the direct path to true health and fitness. It's up to you to follow the path and Make it happen. There are no shortcuts, just constant and consistent improvement towards your full potential. That means you looking, feeling and being your personal best.

The sooner you start, the sooner you see the results, it's that simple. You can feel better immediately and improve yourself everyday for the rest of summer. Get started today and you will finish the program on August 22nd, that's just two and a half short months away. Anyone can do this, now it's your choice....

The program is available at a special introductory price right here: right now.

Rise to the challenge and MAKE IT HAPPEN.


Please contact me if you have any questions.
I look forward to seeing your Transformation Results.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Get The TSC HEART OF A CHAMPION Training & Nutrition Program

I've been very busy completing a new version of the TSC HEART OF A CHAMPION Training & Nutrition Program. The new version is a comprehensive guide to body transformation. The nutrition program has been revamped and now includes 5 nutrition profiles to ensure your success. The training program has also been tweaked to make it more effective and efficient than ever before. Now everyone can transform and lead more balanced, healthy and enjoyable lives.It will be available very soon, JUNE 2010, for instant downloads anywhere in the world.

Please send me an email at with the subject line "HEART OF A CHAMPION 3.0" and I will personally notify you the moment it's available.

Chris Krueger

UPDATE: The program is available NOW. Transform and change your life forever

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

X-TREME: The Word that Suckers Millions of Consumers

Extreme is probably the most overused word in the history of marketing. Advertisers use the "E" word to peddle all sorts of preposterous products. They even shorten the "E" word to X-Treme, Xtreme, or simply "X" to make the word extreme more extreme. Somehow the "E" word combined with glossy images of professional models and fancy graphics make many stupid products simply irresistible to millions of consumers.

Q: What's the definition of the "E" word?

A: (from Webster's) Extreme: adj: existing in a very high degree
b : going to great or exaggerated lengths : radical c : exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected. Synonyms: Excessive.

Reality Check: There is nothing extreme about health and fitness. Extreme views on health and fitness are idiotic and products marketed as "extreme" are either idiotic or entirely misleading.

Let's think of some examples of actual extreme behavior.

Steroids are extreme. Risking death and other nasty side effects to inject yourself with drugs and synthetic hormones in your quest for bigger muscles and lower body fat... That's EXTREME.

Anorexia and Bulimia are extreme. Intentionally starving yourself or vomiting after every meal can be deadly... Definitely EXTREME.

Obesity is extreme. Risking blindness, amputation and death... EXTREME.

Let's all agree that extreme behavior and lifestyles are detrimental to health and fitness and should always be avoided.

Instead of being extreme we need find balance in our daily lives. True health and fitness is the point at which you naturally look, feel and perform your very best. Achieving true health and fitness requires balance! You have to balance the right amounts of the right foods and proper training with your other obligations and responsibilities. It all takes balance!

Remember, using the "E" word is a stupid way for marketers to over hype their lame products. In truth, nothing extreme is ever really good for us. Let's take a smart and rational step towards living a healthier and more balanced life and boycott all their "extreme" products.


Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Join the Right Gym

Joining a gym comes down to a few important factors: equipment, convenience, culture, crowdedness, and cost.

EQUIPMENT: The Heart of a Champion Program requires very basic equipment that all gyms should have. Before joining a gym make sure they have the essential equipment; squat rack, pull-up bar, lat pull down machine, sturdy box (for RDL’s, an “aerobics step” will suffice), swiss ball (for hamstring ball curls), a barbell set with weights, and a rack of dumbbells (preferably from 0 - 100 lbs, you might not need the heavy weights yet,
but you will).

CONVENIENCE: How close is the gym to your house or work? Is it on the way or out of the way? It’s very important to find a gym with a high convenience factor so that you don’t waste time commuting needlessly.

CULTURE: What kind of people will be working out alongside you? This criteria is totally dependent on your personality. If you’re in your 50’s, you probably don’t want a bunch of immature kids slamming weights around you. Also, what kind of music does the gym play? Is the staff friendly? Do people put their equipment back when they are done using it?

CROWDEDNESS: This is self-explanatory, is the gym busy, crowded, or too crowded? It doesn’t matter if a gym has all the equipment you need if someone else is always using it.

COST: Your final decision should weigh the equipment, convenience, culture, and crowdedness against the cost. Also, weigh factors like monthly dues and initiation fees. The gym that you like the most might cost a little more. Exercise good judgment and make the decision that’s best for you. However, before you join any gym you need to kick the tires and take it for a test drive! You should get a free pass and use the gym for a week before you ever sign a contract. Most gyms have 7 day passes on their websites or they can write you a pass when you go in to checkout their facility. If, for whatever reason, a sales rep from the gym will not write you a one week pass, you should politely tell them that you need to use the gym for a week and see if it’s a good fit for you. If they still will not write you a pass, go checkout another gym. This is important because gym culture and crowdedness can change dramatically during the day. You need to use
the gym for a week, training with your regular schedule and make sure that the gym is still a good fit.

Also, you must comparison shop! Never let a salesman pressure you into signing a contract to take advantage of a “special limited time offer.” Gyms are constantly running false promotions to try and impose a time constraint and get you to sign up immediately. Depending on the size of your town, you should be able to get guest passes
at 3 or 4 gyms and use them all for a week before making any decisions.
Since the equipment you need is very basic, it’s entirely possible to create your own home gym in a garage, basement or spare bedroom. If you have the resources this can be an awesome alternative to joining a gym. Also think beyond just joining a corporate fitness gym. Colleges and other non-profit organizations also have the equipment you need and many of them grant access to the public for fees or donations.

Chris Krueger

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Explode Your Excuses

During my work for TSC I encounter countless excuses. All excuses are hopelessly unoriginal and only serve to undermine the people making the excuses. Think about that, you have to MAKE an excuse! Wouldn't you rather spend your time and effort MAKING something that helped you and improved your life, like a body transformation.

Excuses are hopelessly unoriginal, these are the two that I see most often.

i) People blame their genetics for being too fat or too skinny.
ii) People blame their limited resources, i.e. time and money.

Let me tell you that both of these excuses are totally bogus! Certainly, you may not have the genetic code of LeBron James, but that shouldn't stop you from being your best! Think about it, you can only be your best, so your goal should be achieving your full potential! Are you living your life at or near your full potential? Are you making a constant and consistent effort to improve yourself and get closer to your full potential? If the answer is "No" then you can immediately stop blaming your genetics right now!

As far as limited resources, let me assure you that we all have the same amount of time! My day is 24 hours and my weeks only have 7 days in them. This is true for everyone in the world. It's how you choose to use your time that counts. Of course you probably have some priorities and responsibilities that come before your own health and fitness, but what are they? Your Children? Your Job? Well I promise you that you will be a better parent and better at work if you are in your best shape possible. It's obvious! Improving your health and fitness makes you look better, feel better and perform better. Your personal fitness has a direct correlation with your confidence, productivity, creativity, enthusiasm, energy and happiness!

As for your other limited resource, money, I can only assure you that it costs less to be healthy and fit, than it does to be unhealthy and unfit. It's a myth that eating healthy costs more. It simply doesn't. By eating healthy and following the nutrition-10 rules you will dramatically cut your food costs! Think about it, one dinner out can cost as much as a week's supply of healthy groceries. And one fast food value meal can cost more than 3 pounds of strawberries!

The point is everyone can make excuses and limit themselves. Or you can make changes and un-limit yourself. The choice is yours.

Now the only remaining tricky part is choosing the proper program to guide your transformation. Let me humbly offer the TSC Heart of a Champion Training & Nutrition Program. The classic principles that guide my program work for everyone every time they are applied. The program is efficient and effective. It takes less than 4 hours a week of training and the nutrition program will save you money and get results fast.


Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Transform Your Body without Discipline or Willpower!

Yes, you can transform your body without discipline or willpower!

How is that possible? Let me give you two examples and then I'll explain.

Chandler is single, 24 years old and about 40 lbs overweight. This is his usual routine during the week:

8:00 am: Chandler's alarm clock buzzes. He hits the snooze button, twice.
8:10 am: He finally stumbles out of bed, he shaves his face, brushes his teeth and takes a quick shower.
8:30 am: He gets dressed for work.
8:40 am: Chandler rushes out the door and commutes 15 minutes to work.
9:00 am: Chandler gets to his office, pours himself a cup of black coffee and begins his workday.
12:00 pm: It's noon and Chandler is starving, for his lunch break he drives with his coworker, Joey, to a popular fast food restaurant. He orders a double bacon cheeseburger value meal with a XL french fry and an XL soda. He gobbles down his food and sits at the restaurant for the rest of his lunch hour discussing fantasy sports with Joey.
1:00 pm: Chandler arrives back at the office, he feels miserable from all the sugar and saturated fat coursing through his veins.
2:30 pm: Feeling really lethargic, Chandler decides to have a 24 oz extreme energy drink to help him make it through the rest of his work day.
5:00 pm: Chandler leaves work and meets his friends Joey and Ross for happy hour at a neighborhood bar & grill where all the servers wear "pieces of flair" on their suspenders. He orders buffalo wings and has a few beers.
7:00 pm: He drives home.
7:20 pm: Chandler changes into comfy sweatpants and house slippers.
7:30 pm: He grabs a bag of sour cream and onion flavored potato chips and crashes on the couch in front of his 50 inch plasma TV. He flips through the channels finds a college basketball game to watch. Later he changes the channel to sports news so that he catch all of today's highlights.
11:00 pm: He gets up from the couch and makes himself a bowl off ice cream. He watches the local news and the start of Letterman.
11:45 pm: Finally, Chandler falls asleep on his couch.

Rachel is single, 24 years old and extremely fit. This is her usual routine during the week:

7:00 am: She wakes up and immediately makes her bed. She brushes her teeth and drinks a glass of water.
7:05 am: She changes into her workout clothes.
7:10 am: She drives ten minutes to her gym.
7:20 am: She does her TSC Heart of a Champion Training
8:00 am: Rachel finishes her workout and drives home.
8:10 am: She showers.
8:20 am: She prepares three turkey sandwiches and packs some baby carrots, an apple and an orange for later in the day. She also fills up a water bottle to take to work.
8:30 She fixes a bowl of high fiber cereal with walnuts and blueberries in skim milk.
8:40 am: Rachel walks out the door and begins her 15 minute commute downtown.
9:00 am: She begins her workday feeling great! She's already had an awesome workout and a nutritious breakfast.
11:30 am: She eats a small bag of baby carrots and one of her turkey sandwiches at her desk as she finishes up some paperwork before her lunch break.
12:00 pm: She meets her coworker Monica for a brisk 45 minute walk downtown during their lunch hour.
1:00 pm: She eats an orange and gets back to work.
1:30 pm: She enjoys another one of her turkey sandwiches at her desk.
4:30 pm: Rachel eats her last turkey sandwich.
5:00 pm: She leaves work and drives across town to me her her friend Phoebe at the indoor rock climbing gym.
5:15 pm Rachel spends an hour and a half working on her climbing skills with Phoebe.
6:45 pm: She has a few more baby carrots on her way home from the rock gym.
7:00 pm: Rachel hops in the shower.
7:15 pm: She starts cooking a healthy TSC approved dinner with whole grains, vegetables and lean protein while she listens to the radio.
8:00 pm: She finishes eating dinner and decides to read a book.
10:00 pm: She watches one of her favorite TV shows on her DVR.
10:45 pm: She makes her bedtime snack, low-fat cottage cheese with blueberries and walnuts, it's delicious.
11:00 pm: She brushes her teeth and goes to bed.

Now I have a few questions for you;
a. Which routine takes more discipline?
b. Which routine takes more willpower?
c. Which routine do you think feels better?
d. Which routine would you rather follow?

My point is that being an energetic, enthusiastic, confident, active, productive, optimistic, fit, healthy and empowered person is a matter of habit & routine not discipline & willpower.

In the example, Rachel uses healthy habits that empower her and make her feel happier and more confident. She never has to use willpower or discipline!

We all have two major things in common Rachel and Chandler, we all have 24 hours each day and we all CHOOSE how we spend our time. Nobody makes Chandler skip breakfast or drink an extreme energy drink in the afternoon, those are his choices.

The important thing to remember is that you have the power to significantly improve your life by making empowering choices and forming healthy habits.


Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

TSC in 10 Easy Steps

I. Read the entire TSC Heart of a Champion Program: During an interview a reporter once asked me, "If you could only give a person one piece of fitness advice what would it be?"

I answered, "I would tell the person to follow my entire program. Giving one piece of advice is a cop-out, the reason TSC works so well is because it's a comprehensive program. It's all the pieces of the puzzle or another metaphor I like to use, the TSC program is like a treasure map. You have to follow all the steps to find the treasure. If I gave you just one section of the map, you'd be just as lost as if I gave you no map at all.

Like most people you've probably been extremely frustrated by many different diets, exercise routines and fitness gimmicks, gizmos and gadgets. These programs and products usually fall into one of three categories: a) dangerous b) pointless and c) incomplete. It's true many products (especially the so-called fat burning pills and supplements) are dangerous and I would never take them. Most of these products especially the endless ab exerciser infomercials that promise ripped abs in 4, 8, 12, or 16 weeks fall into the pointless category. Their method is always fatally flawed, but that doesn't matter to the companies that sell them, because their goal is not to help you get fit, it's to separate you from your hard earned dollars, as they collect 3 easy payments of $Fill in the Blank.95 And finally, there are the incomplete programs, they may give you a few pieces of the puzzle, but certainly not enough to get the entire picture. In truth most diets, routines and gimmicks, gizmos and gadgets fall into 2 and sometimes all 3 of these categories.

It's time to stop all that nonsense. The TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition will be your map to success. Say goodbye to dieting and the endless squabbles of low-carb vs. low fat vs. high protien. From now on you will be eating RIGHT. You will feed yourself the proper amounts of carbs, protein and fats to fuel your success and transform your body.
Say goodbye to silly exercise routines. This is a Training Program not an Exercise Program. It's vital that you understand the difference. The words "exercise program" denote that we are going through the motions for the sake of exercise and eventually exercise becomes a repeating and monotonous cycle. That's why TSCers use the Heart of a Champion Training Program. Just like the name implies we are training not exercising. We strive for constant and consistent improvement towards the accomplishment of our goals. Our training workouts must be done enthusiastically with 100% focus and intensity. We will use the most efficient lifts and cardio workouts to transform our bodies as quickly as possible and achieve true health and fitness.

But what is true health and fitness? It's simple, it's the point at which you look your best possible, feel your best possible and you are your best possible. The program is designed with this specific purpose in mind. The purpose is not to lose X amount of pounds or get better ab definition or bigger biceps, THE PURPOSE IS FOR YOU TO BE YOUR BEST. The TSC Program is about helping you push yourself to your full potential and uncovering the Heart of a Champion that beats in your chest. Once you uncover it you'll realize that you can achieve anything that you put your mind too. You'll be more energetic, enthusiastic, confident, active, productive, optimistic and empowered than you may have ever dreamed. You will breeze through obstacles that hold back your peers and meet new challenges with zeal.

The TSC Training Program works for everyone. It's being used on six continents by people of all ages, genders, colors and creeds. Like I said, the program is a map. If you follow the map it will lead you to your destination; true health and fitness. The key is adherence. The principles of the Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition program work every time they are applied, but that means you have to apply them.
It all comes down to this question, deep down in your chest, do you have the Heart of a Champion? Many people live their entire lives without much success, but one day they flip a switch that opens the gates to their unlimited potential. If you need inspiration watch Rocky or The Lion King or The Mighty Ducks or any number of great inspirational movies. You can make the heroes journey. The program doesn't require an abundance of skill, ability or time. But it does require that you give your 100% best effort. It's simple, if you want to be your best, you have to give your best.

Are you ready? Prove it. Start now and Finish Strong. This is a 10-week commitment to yourself and your future. To get the Heart of a Champion You have to Finish. Anyone can start the program, but to be a Champion you have to FINISH THE PROGRAM.

Be a Champion.

II. Week Zero Weigh-in, Measurement and Photo: Before starting the training & nutrition portions of the Program it's vitally important for your success that you capture an honest assessment of your starting point. To do this, you need to weigh in, measure your waist (body circumference at the navel) and take an honest head to toe bathing suit photo. I strongly recommend that you print 3 copies of your before photo. Write the date of the photo, your weight and waist size on all three copies and post them where you will see them. I recommend posting one on your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator and one on the back of your bedroom door. This person in the photo is the old you. You must start thinking, acting, and behaving like an energetic, enthusiastic, active, confident, productive, optimistic, dynamic and empowered person right now. Your transformation is really a renaissance, a re-birth. Your dedication and adherence to the training program will set a fire and the new you will rise from the ashes, like a Phoenix. From today forward your life should be segmented into two portions, before transformation and after transformation.

III. Implement the TSC Nutrition Guide: It's time for more action, now that you've read the Nutrition guide and have an understanding of what it means to eat right, you need to take action and implement the program. This should be done in 3 steps and take only a few hours.

Step 1: Clear out the Junk: Go through your fridge, freezer, pantry and cupboards and throw away all of the non TSC approved items. The best way to beat temptation is to AVOID TEMPTATION. There is absolutely no need to keep a half full bottle of chocolate syrup and an aerosol can of whipped cream in your refrigerator at home! Get rid of all sodas, juices, and energy drinks. Dump all your microwave food in the trash, no more microwavable pizzas, hot dogs, corn dogs, or nuggets, it's all garbage! Say goodbye to snack cakes and toss out all the sugary cereals. Get rid of everything that isn't a part of eating right and living up to your full potential. Throw out all the junk, the new you doesn't keep that stuff around the house and you are so much better for it.

Step 2: Go Grocery Shopping: Replenish your fridge, freezer, pantry and cupboards with lean protein sources, veggies, fruits and whole grains.

Step 3: Start Eating Right: It's simple, you've gotten rid of all the junk and replaced it with the proper foods that help you eat right. Now follow the guide and you will be well on your way to a total body transformation.

IV. Implement the TSC Bonus Program: Start enjoying physical activity! It doesn't have to be anything strenuous, it can be as simple as a 30 minute walk or as engaging as full-court basketball. To be an energetic, enthusiastic, active, confident, productive, optimistic, dynamic and empowered person you need to enjoy all manners of physical activity. Find things you like to do and start doing them.

V. Take your Week Zero TSC 300 Challenge (Saturday): This is a big day. Relax and give your best effort. It's okay if you score zeros across the board, after all this is Week Zero. Do your best and finish the challenge, even if that means 0 pull-ups, 0 push-ups and doing a 57 minute 3 mile walk. JUST FINISH.

VI. Solidify your 10-week goals (Sunday): After completing your Week Zero 300 Challenge it's time to solidify your 10 week goals and put them in writing. Remember the most important goal you can have is adherence. The TSC Program works for everyone every time it's applied, but you have to apply it. You have to do the workouts and follow the nutrition guide to get the results.

Once you complete your goals make 3 copies and post them next to your Week Zero before photos.
VII. Implement the TSC Training Guide (Monday): Begin the program enthusiastically and follow it exactly as it's written. Remember the most important thing to exercise is good judgement. You might be tempted start all gung-ho, but remember this is a 10-week journey, not an overnight success. You have to come back day after day and follow the map.

VIII. Expect Soreness: You will be sore, in fact you will be the most sore during your first week of training. Expect it and deal with it ( Please exercise good judgment, If you're sore, you need to push through the pain. If you're injured, you may need prolonged rest, treatment and medical care (a broken bone is not soreness, it's an injury, duh).

Most of your soreness will reside in the first 3 to 4 weeks. You're body craves physical fitness and will make adaptations very quickly when you give it the right stimulus (training) and building blocks (nutrition).

Also, avoid pain reliever pills, many of them inhibit muscle growth.
IX. Rise to the Challenge: Every able bodied person can complete this program. It's your choice. Choose Success.

X. Transform - Make it happen and Finish Strong: Discover the Heart of a Champion that beats in your chest.

BEFORE STEP ONE, you need to get the program. Make it happen right now!