Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why America is Fat

Friday I went to the Happiest Place on Earth and saw hundreds of people suffering.

As I strolled through Disneyland, everywhere I turned there was another American suffering from morbid obesity. The park was teaming with men and women that were more than 100 lbs overweight and facing deadly serious health consequences, like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Besides the obvious health risks associated with morbid obesity there are also very serious emotional effects, like low (or no) self-esteem and depression. There was deep sadness etched on the faces of many park visitors as they labored from Fantasy Land to Tomorrow Land. I even saw one young man's checks turn red with embarrassment and frustration as he squeezed himself into one of Space Mountain's Rocket Ships.

In present day America there are numerous factors all working to fatten us up, but there is hope and the opportunity to change.

Let's look at the real reasons why Americans are fatter today than ever before.

a) Food Tastes too Good: Think about the term "Artificial Flavor." It means a flavor that nature can't even produce! Before artificial flavors very few people were obese. You simply wouldn't want to eat enough of anything to get obese.
b) Greater Caloric Density of Foods: Processed foods from the Gordita Supreme to the Big Mac are packed with calories! Consider this, one Big Mac has as many calories as 135 strawberries!

c) Natural Instinct: Compounding the fact that today's unnatural foods taste unnaturally good and are unnaturally high in calories is the fact that over eating is a natural human instinct! Through advances in modern agriculture Western civilization has created a regular and well-stocked food supply. There is food available everywhere all the time, most grocery stores are open 24 hours and T-Bell is open 'til 1 am or later for fourthmeal, just in case you have a hankering for something that is melty, spicy, crunchy or grilled (and also unnaturally good tasting and high in calories). Thousands of years ago, before the rise of agriculture humans had to hunt or gather their food and depending on the season had no way of knowing when they would have their next opportunity to eat, thus over-eating became a natural human instinct.
d) Sedentary Life Styles: My Father grew up working outdoors on a farm and in his teen years got a job with a cement company. His life required constant activity and physical fitness. Today I can earn a living, connect with friends, make purchases, and search for information without moving a muscle (except for those involved with pointing and clicking). Even worse, I can do all these activities while eating a Gordita Supreme.

e) Genetics: WRONG! Genetics are NOT THE REASON YOU ARE FAT! Or anyone else for that matter! Your genotypes have survived since the dawn of mankind and they are exceptional! Think about it, before we invented causes A, B, C, & D was anybody in your family fat? Were your grandparents fat? Great grandparents? No! No! No! Were any of your ancestors fat even 300 years ago? Probably not... unless they were extremely wealthy members of a land owning aristocracy! You're genetics are wonderful, they make you, you! But it is your responsibility to be your best and to make the most of them, to enjoy your life to the fullest.

If you are overweight or unsatisfied with your health or physical fitness you have the power to change, to Transform. You can re-make your body and your life on your terms. You can look and feel the way you want to! Of course it takes some effort and dedication, but you have everything to gain.

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Chris Krueger
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

8 Pack Secrets: The Truth about Shredded Abs

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