Monday, July 12, 2010

This Is Why I Do TSC

TSCers, you might not realize this, but "doing" TSC takes me over 60 hours a week. I'm constantly working on new content, articles and videos as well as personally replying to hundreds of emails. It's a lot of work but emails like this one from a young female TSCer make it all worth it.

Hi Chris,

I wrote to you back in January about the TSC Heart of a Champion Program. I enthusiastically got started with the training, and found myself looking forward to the daily workouts and excited about improving my fitness. The reason for my interest in the program was that I was working very hard to find a way to achieve health and balance in my eating and exercise habits after over a decade of struggling with an eating disorder. This past fall, I was forced to leave school and miss out on my senior year of college in order to enter treatment. For various reasons, the first program I found didn’t work out. I decided to do what I could on my own to build a healthier lifestyle, which is when I sought out your training program. However, a few weeks after I started TSC, I made the decision to enter a residential treatment program. Since then, I have continued to struggle, but I am more motivated than ever to continue working towards health and recovery. I’ve literally wasted years of my life to anorexia and bulimia. For the past several years, instead of spending time with friends and pursuing the activities I enjoy, I’ve been locked in a constant battle with my body—a battle which by its very nature cannot be won. Instead of fighting against my body, I want to work with my body to live a happier, healthier life. For that reason, I am excited to embark upon the Heart of a Champion program once again (under the supervision of my treatment team). The emphasis your program places on health, improvement, and achieving one’s personal best (as opposed to following some crash diet to lose weight) has inspired me to use TSC as a resource in my ongoing journey to achieve balance with food, weight, and exercise. Today was "day one" for me, and I started my day right with an awesome leg workout, and then after work went for a walk in the sunshine along Lake Michigan's lakefront trail. It was a great day.

I know you are a very busy guy, and I realize I may be “over-sharing” to some extent. Nevertheless, I thought you might be interested to hear about the way your program, and more specifically, your overall philosophy, has impacted my changing approach to health and fitness. There are so many destructive, unhealthy, and just blatantly false images and messages that we are bombarded with on a daily basis, and I think you’re doing really important work by spreading the message that there’s a different, better way to do things. Thank you for sharing your insight.

Take good care,


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Matt10 said...

Hey Chris - have you heard any news about Jenna's progress? Just an inspiring story that one.