Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cystic Fibrosis CRUSHED by the Heart of a Champion

Hey chris,

This is my story with the tsc heart of a champion programm.

I'm rick I live in holland and I'am 17 years old, I have a chronic Disease called Cystic Fibrosis, ( ) it's a Disease where my mucus is thick and stikey in every organ of my body. especially in my Lungs! and that can cause bacteria infections in my lungs.

I have one bacteria infection in my lungs for 7 years now... and It's hard to live with somedays. I have been struggling alot with keeping my health up and keeping my lung functioning normal.

Every 3 months I have to go to A hospital to do a Breathhalyzer ( flow test ) to see How my lungs are doing

for healthy people it is normal if you Blow a 100 % lung functional score.
when I was 10 years to 14 years old I blew 84 % .. so 16 % of my lungs were not functioning..
and It was even getting worse,
When I reached the age 15 I only blew a 64 % longfunction. ( means 36 % of my lungs were not functioning right and filled with stickey and thick mucus ).
I just couldn't find a way to keep my health stable.

I had to take alot of antibiotics at that time But even that didn't help and the docter said to me '' If this is going on like this we might have to do a Lung transplantation when ur still veryy young.''
I was scared I really didn't want that to happen.

and than when I reached 16 years old I found the TSC heart of a champion programm and I start following it word for word,
I at better, slept more, and did all the exercises I needed to do.

I felt alot better from the start!
Every week I could Run faster , Run longer,
I had more breath, I didn't have that much mucus in my lungs anymore, I felt great! and I didn't have to cough that much anymore!

and after 3 months of tsc HOC programm I had to go to the hospital again for a Breathhalyzer ( flow test ).
And now I blew 107 % lung function!! ( that's 43 % more than my last one! )
I never ever Blew that High In my Entire LiFE!
My docter was also suprised by this result cuz it was alot better, He wanted to see If I was able to keep my health stable with this programm, so He said come back in 2 months to do another Breathhalyzer ( flow test ), so I did...

And after this 2 months I blew a 115 % lung function! and that was very good
The docter said he never saw A high score like that before with people with my desease of my age.

now one year later I still blow A good lung function, last one was 112 % .
Thanks for this amazing programm It really helps me Being My BEST!