Friday, January 9, 2015

Like p90x Except better and FREE

Get the world's best Transformation Training and Nutrition Program for FREE. The Program works for men and women of all ages. If you want to get fitter, faster, stronger, leaner, and better crush my program. Email me: with the subject line "#TSCers Global Challenge: The TSC Heart of a Champion 7.0 Training and Nutrition Program is finished and ready to download. The program and the challenge are both totally free.  I'll be posting daily youtube videos and responding directly to tweets (Tweet me @ChrisKruegerTSC with #TSCers and I will follow you). If you're serious about transforming your body crush the challenge with me.
The Heart of a Champion 7.0 Training and Nutrition Program is optimized to be as efficient as possible. The workouts take less than 40 minutes a day on average, and use the fundamental principles that have worked for #TSCers all over the globe. The Nutrition section of the program is easy to follow and ensures that you will make a great transformation. The program works every time and for every body,even yours!  I promise it will work for you. Anyone can start the program, but only CHAMPIONS FINISH. Crush the program and make it happen.
Let's get started, please reply with A-E completed and I will send your download information in less than 24 hours.
A. Before Photo: Take a high-quality bathing suit before photo, head to toe with your smiling face and good lighting.  Please attach as a .jpeg file. You're before photos are completely confidential during the challenge and we will never use them for anything unless you choose to submit an After photoand testimonial. People that submit an honest before photos have far greater success  and that's why I'm asking you to submit one for the #TSCers Global Challenge.
B. Height, Weight, and Waist Size: We need to set goals, but before we can do that we need to know where we are starting.
C: Goal Weight and Waist Size: There's more info in the program about setting the right goals, but right now dream big and imagine how great you can look, feel, and be by Valentine's Day 2015. What are your weight and waist goals?
D. More specific tangible and Personal Goals: How do you want to look and feel at the end of the Challenge? What do you want to be able to do?
E: Country, City, Name, Age: There will be #TSCers all over the world crushing the global challenge with you and it's really nice to know where everyone lives.
Please email as fast you can so I can send your download information. I'm also including The Next Step Training Program with your download. The Next Step is the logical next step in your training progression once you finish the Heart of a Champion. By taking the challenge you are getting 20 weeks of the best training and nutrition programming in the world, for FREE. Let's crush it together.
Chris Krueger Tweet me @ChrisKruegerTSC with #TSCers so I can follow you, if you don't have twitter you might want to get it just for this challenge, it's the fastest way to contact me with any questions you have. Also please like my facebook so you can get daily updates, motivation, and inspiration.
Please follow my social media accounts to stay fully updated on the #TSCers Global Challenge.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cystic Fibrosis CRUSHED by the Heart of a Champion

Hey chris,

This is my story with the tsc heart of a champion programm.

I'm rick I live in holland and I'am 17 years old, I have a chronic Disease called Cystic Fibrosis, ( ) it's a Disease where my mucus is thick and stikey in every organ of my body. especially in my Lungs! and that can cause bacteria infections in my lungs.

I have one bacteria infection in my lungs for 7 years now... and It's hard to live with somedays. I have been struggling alot with keeping my health up and keeping my lung functioning normal.

Every 3 months I have to go to A hospital to do a Breathhalyzer ( flow test ) to see How my lungs are doing

for healthy people it is normal if you Blow a 100 % lung functional score.
when I was 10 years to 14 years old I blew 84 % .. so 16 % of my lungs were not functioning..
and It was even getting worse,
When I reached the age 15 I only blew a 64 % longfunction. ( means 36 % of my lungs were not functioning right and filled with stickey and thick mucus ).
I just couldn't find a way to keep my health stable.

I had to take alot of antibiotics at that time But even that didn't help and the docter said to me '' If this is going on like this we might have to do a Lung transplantation when ur still veryy young.''
I was scared I really didn't want that to happen.

and than when I reached 16 years old I found the TSC heart of a champion programm and I start following it word for word,
I at better, slept more, and did all the exercises I needed to do.

I felt alot better from the start!
Every week I could Run faster , Run longer,
I had more breath, I didn't have that much mucus in my lungs anymore, I felt great! and I didn't have to cough that much anymore!

and after 3 months of tsc HOC programm I had to go to the hospital again for a Breathhalyzer ( flow test ).
And now I blew 107 % lung function!! ( that's 43 % more than my last one! )
I never ever Blew that High In my Entire LiFE!
My docter was also suprised by this result cuz it was alot better, He wanted to see If I was able to keep my health stable with this programm, so He said come back in 2 months to do another Breathhalyzer ( flow test ), so I did...

And after this 2 months I blew a 115 % lung function! and that was very good
The docter said he never saw A high score like that before with people with my desease of my age.

now one year later I still blow A good lung function, last one was 112 % .
Thanks for this amazing programm It really helps me Being My BEST!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Six Pack Cardio: Crazy 8's

Ready to burn fat with a fast and fun cardio workout that doesn't require a gym membership or any equipment?

Monday, March 26, 2012

I Love Getting Emails Like This:

It always puts a smile on my face when a TSCer shares his or her success with me via email. Here's an example from my inbox this morning...

Hi Chris,
My name is John and I'm a college student. About 5 weeks ago, I purchased the TSC Heart of a Champion program and I have been following the program each day religiously. So far, I am seeing awesome results and not only is my body changing but my lifestyle and choices I am making daily have been changing quite a bit. I have considerably cut down on my alcohol consumption as many young college students are given the choice to party on weekends. This has benefited my physical and mental health tremendously. I definitely feel more energy than before I started the program and this program has also lead me to do well academically. By setting my goals during the beginning of the program, I realized how effective setting goals really is and I did not realize this before. I have applied the same goal setting principles to my classes and schoolwork and I am amazed at how just this one principle can really be applied to many other aspects of life.
If you're ready to take the challenge and crush the program, like John and thousands of other TSCers are doing right now. Click here and make it happen: Make it Happen!


Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions: Make it Happen in 2012

Time for some serious New Year's Resolutions. Decide on 2 or 3 things that you really want to change and improve. Create quantifiable goals and a plan to achieve them.

1. School: Get straight A's. Finish all assignments early. Attend all classes and take thorough notes each time. Proof read, double check and seek your teachers/profs advice on how to improve all papers and projects before they are due. Do additional study and review for every class every night, Sunday-Thursday.

2. Social Confidence: Become more approachable and make more friends. Make eye contact and smile. Introduce yourself to 3 or more new people every day. Take pride in offering a firm and sincere handshake to everyone that you meet. Make plans/organize 3 or more events for you and your friends to enjoy every month.

3. Health & Fitness. Look my best, feel my best, be my best. Crush the TSC Heart of a Champion Program with a 100% adherence rating. Join the Champion Circle each week with bonus activities that I enjoy. Increase my 300 Challenge score by 15 or more points each week.

Make 2012 your best year ever.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pull-up Variations for a Stronger Back

Pull-up variations can help you improve your pulling strength so that you can work towards doing real pull-ups soon. If you want a strong back, then you need to do the best exercise for the upper body... PULL-UPS.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Better Than a Swedish Massage

A few minutes with a foam roller can really improve the quality of your muscle tissue and reduce tightness and soreness from training.