Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Transform Your Body without Discipline or Willpower!

Yes, you can transform your body without discipline or willpower!

How is that possible? Let me give you two examples and then I'll explain.

Chandler is single, 24 years old and about 40 lbs overweight. This is his usual routine during the week:

8:00 am: Chandler's alarm clock buzzes. He hits the snooze button, twice.
8:10 am: He finally stumbles out of bed, he shaves his face, brushes his teeth and takes a quick shower.
8:30 am: He gets dressed for work.
8:40 am: Chandler rushes out the door and commutes 15 minutes to work.
9:00 am: Chandler gets to his office, pours himself a cup of black coffee and begins his workday.
12:00 pm: It's noon and Chandler is starving, for his lunch break he drives with his coworker, Joey, to a popular fast food restaurant. He orders a double bacon cheeseburger value meal with a XL french fry and an XL soda. He gobbles down his food and sits at the restaurant for the rest of his lunch hour discussing fantasy sports with Joey.
1:00 pm: Chandler arrives back at the office, he feels miserable from all the sugar and saturated fat coursing through his veins.
2:30 pm: Feeling really lethargic, Chandler decides to have a 24 oz extreme energy drink to help him make it through the rest of his work day.
5:00 pm: Chandler leaves work and meets his friends Joey and Ross for happy hour at a neighborhood bar & grill where all the servers wear "pieces of flair" on their suspenders. He orders buffalo wings and has a few beers.
7:00 pm: He drives home.
7:20 pm: Chandler changes into comfy sweatpants and house slippers.
7:30 pm: He grabs a bag of sour cream and onion flavored potato chips and crashes on the couch in front of his 50 inch plasma TV. He flips through the channels finds a college basketball game to watch. Later he changes the channel to sports news so that he catch all of today's highlights.
11:00 pm: He gets up from the couch and makes himself a bowl off ice cream. He watches the local news and the start of Letterman.
11:45 pm: Finally, Chandler falls asleep on his couch.

Rachel is single, 24 years old and extremely fit. This is her usual routine during the week:

7:00 am: She wakes up and immediately makes her bed. She brushes her teeth and drinks a glass of water.
7:05 am: She changes into her workout clothes.
7:10 am: She drives ten minutes to her gym.
7:20 am: She does her TSC Heart of a Champion Training
8:00 am: Rachel finishes her workout and drives home.
8:10 am: She showers.
8:20 am: She prepares three turkey sandwiches and packs some baby carrots, an apple and an orange for later in the day. She also fills up a water bottle to take to work.
8:30 She fixes a bowl of high fiber cereal with walnuts and blueberries in skim milk.
8:40 am: Rachel walks out the door and begins her 15 minute commute downtown.
9:00 am: She begins her workday feeling great! She's already had an awesome workout and a nutritious breakfast.
11:30 am: She eats a small bag of baby carrots and one of her turkey sandwiches at her desk as she finishes up some paperwork before her lunch break.
12:00 pm: She meets her coworker Monica for a brisk 45 minute walk downtown during their lunch hour.
1:00 pm: She eats an orange and gets back to work.
1:30 pm: She enjoys another one of her turkey sandwiches at her desk.
4:30 pm: Rachel eats her last turkey sandwich.
5:00 pm: She leaves work and drives across town to me her her friend Phoebe at the indoor rock climbing gym.
5:15 pm Rachel spends an hour and a half working on her climbing skills with Phoebe.
6:45 pm: She has a few more baby carrots on her way home from the rock gym.
7:00 pm: Rachel hops in the shower.
7:15 pm: She starts cooking a healthy TSC approved dinner with whole grains, vegetables and lean protein while she listens to the radio.
8:00 pm: She finishes eating dinner and decides to read a book.
10:00 pm: She watches one of her favorite TV shows on her DVR.
10:45 pm: She makes her bedtime snack, low-fat cottage cheese with blueberries and walnuts, it's delicious.
11:00 pm: She brushes her teeth and goes to bed.

Now I have a few questions for you;
a. Which routine takes more discipline?
b. Which routine takes more willpower?
c. Which routine do you think feels better?
d. Which routine would you rather follow?

My point is that being an energetic, enthusiastic, confident, active, productive, optimistic, fit, healthy and empowered person is a matter of habit & routine not discipline & willpower.

In the example, Rachel uses healthy habits that empower her and make her feel happier and more confident. She never has to use willpower or discipline!

We all have two major things in common Rachel and Chandler, we all have 24 hours each day and we all CHOOSE how we spend our time. Nobody makes Chandler skip breakfast or drink an extreme energy drink in the afternoon, those are his choices.

The important thing to remember is that you have the power to significantly improve your life by making empowering choices and forming healthy habits.


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Anonymous said...

Excellent as always!

Kinhow said...

awesome words... I would just add: Willpower and discipline are needed if you want to change your routine, once you've done it, no one can stop you.