Monday, September 13, 2010

Ectomorphs, Do you want to know how to Gain Weight?

Two days ago I received this email from a self-proclaimed "skinny ectomorph."

I just wanted to ask you if your program would help an Ectomorph such as myself gain weight and obtain a body such as yourself? I'm 6'0, 145lbs and can eat anything I want constantly, everyday and not gain a single pound. I'm about to be 22, but still have the body of a 16 yr old boy and have been the same weight since my sophomore year in High School. All everyone keeps telling me is I will have to add supplements, creatine, and all kinds of other BS to my diet/workout routine which I DO NOT want to do and therefore your Heart of a Champion program intrigues me since I know you don't believe in supplements. Does the Heart of a Champion program have everything I need to know to GAIN weight and add muscle without supplements? If so then I'm on board to buy your program!

It was a great question, so I made this video and sent him the link. Click on the video so that you can watch it on youtube.

Brian purchased the TSC Heart of a Champion Program after watching the video and sent me this email.

Thank you for your detailed response. I feel like finding your channel on youtube was not a coincidence and you truly seem like an honest and true individual when it comes to your program and helping people reach their fitness goals. The fact that you made a video addressing me even sold me more on your program, so I just got through ordering it and downloading it to my PC. Just skimming through it for 30 seconds I was amazed at the level of detail in each of the sections in it. I look forward to starting the program and am going to start looking for a gym RIGHT NOW so I can begin ASAP. Like you said, today is the best day to start the transformation, not tomorrow.

I'll be watching more of your videos. I'm glad I could give you inspiration for your latest one, you yourself have given me inspiration to gain MUSCLE and better health and fitness.

Brian is making it happen. Join him.

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