Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TSC in Hong Kong

Success in Hong Kong. TSCers are making it happen all over the world. Get Started now, what could you accomplish in the next 70 days?

I remember a time when I was very athletic, slim, fit. A time where I could eat whatever and whenever I wanted and still not gain anything. That time wasn't too long ago, just a few years ago. Then suddenly I found myself heavy, sluggish, lazy and tired ALL the time. I would sleep 10-11 hours and still be very tired. Until one day my girlfriend asked " What happened to the guy I used to date?" " The guy with the six pack?"

That threw me over the ledge and I was fed up with myself. I started to surf the internet and found The TSC Heart of a Champion Program and got excited. I was going to become the guy I used to be.

That is exactly what your program has given me. I find myself feeling like I used to be. I'm energized, enthusiastic and alive. Your program is more than a exercise regiment, it's a revival program. It's life changing. I look forward to each training session. I used to hate running, but now I looking forward to my cardio sessions more than the other days.

Now that I have completed the 10 weeks, I don't feel like stopping. Not like the other diet programs I've been on. I feel like now, daily physical activity is part of my life. This is a great habit to have. Thanks so much Chris.

Regards from Hong Kong,

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