Monday, July 12, 2010

Trouble with Motivation

Here's another real email exchange between me and a TSCer, enjoy:

How's it going man? I'm a former D1 baseball player here from Texas. I used to be involved in working out all the time; eating right, and all around taking care of myself. Unfortunately, I have taken a 180 degree turn for the worse. I Don't eat right, don't workout, and don't take care of myself these days (smoking, drinking, staying out late...etc.) I need some help dude. I used to be so motivated, but after baseball I kind of just let myself go.
Anyways, what I'm asking for is some tips I guess on how to get back into a routine. I did P90x for awhile, but that got boring. I started skipping workouts and eventually quit altogether. I need to quit talking about it and actually doing something, but for some reason I'm having trouble getting motivated to do so. Please if you have any tips on getting into a routine or even a "pep" talk... anything would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,


I responded promptly with the following email:

Eric, It's your life. Make a decision. Either you want to be a fat, lazy piece of crap or you want to be your best. Choose.


That's a much harsher tone than I normally use, but I could tell that Eric was could handle it. Sometimes we need to be coddled and cajoled and sometimes we need a reality check and a swift kick in the pants to get us moving. He replied with the following email:

Simple, but effective...thanks man. Keep doin' what ya do! -Eric.

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