Sunday, July 25, 2010

Greg, Makes it Happen at age 46

Greg decided enough was enough and it was time to change his life. So he did. About a year ago he saw an infomercial for the most fabulously marketed training program of all time, P90X, here's what Greg had to say...

Like millions of others, I saw P90X infomercial on TV and was convinced to give it a try. I worked hard and had good results. However as most of us have busy schedules it is hard to maintain 60-90 minutes a day for working out. Also the key to any program is nutrition plan and the simpler the better. Chris cuts through all the BS and tells you what really works. His nutrition program is simple and straightforward and his training program takes less than 35 minutes a day on average!

I completed 10 weeks on The TSC Heart of a Champion Program and scored an amazing 270 pts on my final TSC 300 Challenge (That's an "A" Fitness grade). I'm ecstatic with my results, at 46 I look great and feel younger than I have in years, maybe decades!

As Chris continues to spread his message of true health and fitness, I will be there to support him! His encouragement motivates me to keep improving and striving for my full potential.

I also purchased and studied the Athlean-X program. In comparing the three programs, P90x, Athlean-X and The TSC Heart of a Champion. I really feel that Chris's program is the best and most straight forward program on the market. It's also the only one doesn't use the letter "X" for Xtreme in the title. Chris knows that true health & fitness is about living a balanced lifestyle, not being an Xtremist.

Natural, Fit, Fast and Strong,

Greg M.
Ontario, OR
TSCers, you can checkout Greg's progress on his website: If you're inspired by Greg's story and candor, you can click on the TSC Link in his website to download the program instantly and begin your own Transformation journey to True Health and Fitness.


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