Monday, October 25, 2010

p90x results and recovery drink

Checkout this email from Levi.
Hey Chris, I need some advice on programs and supplements. Recently, I started doing P90X. I've been on the program for 64 days now, and I'm not seeing near the results they had promised on the infomercials. The bad thing is I'm working out with this program for 2 hours everyday, I'm in far superior shape to what I was prior to starting, but I'm not getting any definition like you have. I recently stumbled upon your vlogs, and I'm very impressed at how you strive to motivate people to be their best. I feel very motivated by your videos, but I don't feel very motivated with P90X because it's all the time talking about being Xtreme!! I push myself very hard, but it's frustrating to work out 2 hours each day and not see results after 64 days. I was hoping you could give me more information on the TSC Heart of a Champion program, so I can become the very best that I can be.

Another thing P90X strongly advocates are supplements. Currently, the only thing I'm taking is pure whey protein powder with milk as a post workout drink. I don't like the idea of having to buy really expensive supplements just to have a great body. They sell things like, "P90X recovery drink, P90X multivitamin, P90X protein bars." I want to know what the best supplement to take actually is, I'm not the biggest fan of supplementation, but let me know anyway. Another thing is the P90Xers are constantly trying to sell me all this weird shit like the vitamins, recovery drink, etc. I feel like these guys are more out to make a profit than to spread health and wellness to an obese nation. This one guy yesterday wanted me to become a beachbody coach, so he could get paid for it. He blatantly told me that himself, he said, "if you sign up to be a beachbody coach I'll get a 25% commission from your sign up fee." That doesn't sound like he's out there helping the people to me, it sounds like he's wanting to earn some extra cash. Let me know what's good, and try to get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks!

Here's my response:

Levi, Thanks for watching and writing. Levi, p90x is brilliant marketing and
very poor training. P90X's ability to convince people to buy a "living
room/DVD fitness" program is unprecedented. You've already experienced
everything you can gain from P90X (you got into "better shape"), but
like Albert Einstein said, "doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity," which coincidentally,
happens to be the name of P90X's sequel program.

As far as the shakes, vitamins, and protein bars, it's just a marketing ploy
to get people to purchase more crap that they don't need so that
Beachbody can make more money. As far as the "Beachbody Coaches" it's
a simple pyramid sales scheme. These "coaches" know absolutely nothing
about health, fitness, proper training, nutrition or anything else.
The "coaches" completed a living room fitness program, other than that they have absolutely
zero qualifications.

If you're ready for real training, real nutrition and real results (in much
less time) so that you can look, feel, and be your best then you
should get started on the TSC Heart of a Champion Program immediately,
before you waste another week doing "Xtreme living room fitness."

You can get the program right: and make it happen.



aaron.johnson said...

Incidentally, I'm able to do 3 days a week of the TSC program in my living room. I just bought a dumb bell set, bar bell and a bench. Obviously for the cardio I've got to go to the track, but it's only a half mile jog from my house. I never spend more than about 35 minutes on my workouts either...

Matt10 said...

Yeah, I did p90x as well, seriously time consuming, 1-2 hours, same DVD - just wasn't motivated because everything was so extreme. I like waht Chris pointed out in one of his videos about how people use EXTREME measures to get in shape. Like running a marathon to get in shape - you should already be in shape before you think about running a marathon.
I'm learning so much and so excited on starting despite a knee injury (torn acl), by January 3,2011 - I'll be a new man.

Christopher said...
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Matson said...

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