Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aerobics: Still the Wrong Answer

Unfortunately Aerobics are not in themselves a real and viable solution to transform your body. This is a real shame because I do love the outfits.

The word aerobics literally means, "with air" most people perform 24 hours of aerobics per day, as a matter of fact, eating potato chips and watching LOST is an aerobic activity. Even worse, many aerobics instructors are themselves at least soft and often times overweight. At my gym, I swear every aerobics instructor is overweight and one of them is obviously obese. Think about that, these people do aerobics professionally, they spend their entire day doing aerobics and they're still fat!

To really train the body and improve our fitness we need to venture into the anaerobic zone. Simply training without air. This does not mean suffocation! It means training at an intensity level that makes us winded.

Great examples of anaerobic training are intense weight training and interval training that crosses from the cardio zone into the anaerobic zone (training at an elevated heart rate with intervals that make you winded). Coincidentally, these are the same activities that we include in the Training-10 program because they work and they get real results, fast. They are the best for sculpting fit and healthy attractive bodies.

Also, anaerobic training stimulates the natural production of growth hormone. This is the literal fountain of youth. It will make your joints feel better, your hair shine more, and even strengthen your fingernails.

It's good to get the body moving and do something you enjoy, but activities like step-aerobics are BONUS. You should do them as part of taking your TSC training to the top level, The Champion's Circle.

Chris Krueger

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