Monday, February 2, 2009

The Big Inning: Success creates Excitement, which leads to more Success, which creates more Excitement! The Enthusiasm Cycle

If you’re a baseball fan then you know all about the big inning. It’s very common for a team to score all or most of their runs in a single inning of a baseball game. The reason for this is simple, success (even moderate success) creates excitement, which leads to more success and more excitement. It becomes a wonderful self-fulfilling prophecy and confidence boosting cycle, I call it the Enthusiasm Cycle.

We’ve probably all experienced the negative effects of a vicious cycle. Zach and I have both been victims of vicious cycles in our lives. Before Zach’s life changing transformation he was upset and angry about his body image. He would often turn to food to alleviate his pain. Of course this meant a more negative body image, which in turn meant more eating.

Early in college I fell victim to a similar vicious cycle. I was playing football at the small college I attended. I was by far the wimpiest and weakest player on the team. I couldn’t even get close to bench-pressing my body weight or even do a single pull-up. I was embarrassed and ashamed by my weakness and therefore avoided the weight room at all costs. I didn’t want the other players on the team to see me struggling to lift what little weight I could handle. I even choose to turn out for the baseball team my freshman year for reasons that were two-fold, a) I love baseball, b) It was an easy and painless way to avoid lifting with the football team during spring workouts.

Nobody ever gets into shape by continuing to fall victim to a vicious cycle. You must take a stand. You must raise your standards of what is acceptable to you. You must look within yourself and realize that being a fat blob or a wimpy weakling is totally incompatible with your true self and limiting you from enjoying life to the fullest. At this moment you need to say “I can’t take this no more!” and take decisive action just like Michael “Squints” Palledorous did in the movie The Sandlot. For a look at truly decisive action check out what Squints did:

The best way to take decisive action against fatness or weakness is to immediately begin the POWER-10 Challenge and create an Enthusiasm Cycle which constantly propels you to more excitement and greater success.

Let’s return to my earlier analogy about the big-inning. Often times a team will be totally shutdown by a good pitcher for several innings, but then something wonderful happens, one hitter will hit the ball hard for a single or work a count and earn a walk. The success of this one player sends a signal to his teammates that the pitcher is not invincible. That they can succeed. Then another player will get a hit, a run will score, another player will earn a walk, and then somebody will hit a double and two more runs will score. The big-inning builds momentum and all of the sudden the team is totally energized, smiling and expecting success. It feels like the floodgates have opened and runs pour across the plate in bunches.

It’s important to realize that it only takes one player’s individual success against a tough pitcher to spark a successful turnaround for the entire team and create the big-inning. The same thing is true for body transformations. If you can find other people that have been successful against similar odds, than you can get excited about the possibility of success. Then once you take decisive action and begin the POWER-10 Challenge and begin succeeding for yourself you will be able to use the enthusiasm cycle to get more excited and become more successful. Also, your success will inspire and motivate others to improve their health and fitness and lead them to successful transformations as well.

Currently, two thirds of Americans are overweight and one third are obese. The only way for us to stop the cycle of obesity, illness and death is to use the Enthusiasm Cycle. We all need to show others that success is possible, so that they can see our results and get excited and transform themselves. We can ride the Enthusiasm Cycle to a brighter future, let’s start now. RIGHT NOW. Get The TSC HEART OF A CHAMPION Training & Nutrition Program and Make it Happen!

Chris Krueger

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