Monday, January 12, 2009

Reward Meal: Sprinkles Cupcakes of Beverly Hills 90210

I had such a beautiful weekend. Sunday I went to Will Rogers State Beach Park. It was a gorgeous day, nearly 80 degrees with a light breeze. I walked along the warm sand, dipped my toes in the cool waters of the Pacific, played a game of beach volleyball (I need some serious work on my volleyball skills) and mostly lounged on a beach blanket. It was glorious.

On the way home my friend Randel and I took a detour through Beverly Hills where we encountered some extra traffic because of the Golden Globe Awards. We ended up at the world famous Sprinkles Cupcakes (they were even featured on Oprah, she loves them), where celebrities stand in line to buy cupcakes for $3.50 apiece. They were also featured in an episode of entourage, Ari Gold brings Sprinkles Cupcakes to Dana Gordon as a piece offering while negotiating for Vince to star in "Lost in the Clouds."

We purchased an assortment of cupcakes; one carrot, two peanut butter chips and two red velvets. These are supposedly the best cupcakes in the world, after all Tyra Banks, claims she's addicted to them.

I sampled the three flavors that we purchased and all of them were delicious, but 5 minutes later the taste was gone. The best cupcakes in the world had changed absolutely nothing. I'd eaten them, they were great, but now they were gone, gone forever.

I used to get really bad food cravings, until I had this epiphany, "the junk foods I crave don't change anything for very long."

I used to have terrible cravings for sweets and treats especially chocolate cake, pecan pie a la mode, and cookies with ice cream. They are all delicious, and I still enjoy all of them, but they don't change anything. That's why I prefer to enjoy them very infrequently and in smaller portions, that I savor instead of pig out on. Whether I eat a piece or scarf the whole pie, it doesn't change me, or who I am. I'd prefer to be the person that can demonstrate enough self control to put the fork down and walk away.

I actually enjoy the challenge of leaving one bite of pie or cake on the plate. Remind yourself that you are in control and you can put the fork down anytime you want, and walk away.

After a few consecutive weeks of healthy eating and carefully following the TSC Nutrition-10, I started to notice that I really looked forward to my healthy TSC meals. I really enjoy steamed broccoli with baby carrots, lean top-sirloin steak, baked potatoes, pasta, berries and yams! I have been craving YAMS, for goodness sake! But my favorite grocery wholesaler was temporarily out of stock, so I had to wait, patience is a wonderful virtue to practice.

For your reward meal, you should enjoy whatever foods that you're craving, but expect to notice that soon you'll be craving a big healthy meal instead of cupcakes, pie and other assorted junk.

Oh, about 20 minutes after I finished the Sprinkles cupcakes, (I had 2.5 cupcakes total) I felt lethargic and my stomach hurt. The best cupcakes in the world gave me a tummy ache.

Chris Krueger

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gogreenmyfriends said...

I've found that often butternut squash can satisfy a yam craving, and it mixes things up a little. But yams (and congrats for specifying between those that are traditionally called sweet potatoes (yams) and actual sweet potatoes) ARE delicious, in just about every form...

That, and Sprinkles is overrated. Crumbs, on the other hand, is worth the bellyache. I also like Vanilla in SM and their 2-bite cupcakes - that's actually the way to go.

chinh thai said...

hi CK-
i am just starting your program, i am confuse on the reward sunday meal.
are you saying i can hog out anything i want as much as i want?

my favorite food right now are carl's junior and chinese buffet.
god knows what is the fat and calories count in the chinese buffet.

there has got to be some sort of restriction or restraint. please lucid this theory/idea. thanks