Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Zach's Transformation 2005-06
Transformation Super Challenge is a community that believes in the power of personal growth and transformation. At TSC we know that making small changes can result in great transformations and that a healthy body, is the home of a sharp mind and a strong spirit.

Our first TSC Super Challenge began in January 2005 when Chris Krueger set up a one-on-one transformation challenge between two severely overweight friends, John Peixotto and Zach Sokolik. Both competitors made staggering transformations by the end of the challenge. They were spurred on by the motivation and camaraderie that the original challenge provided. Zach won the original Super Challenge by the slimmest of margins and was later named's "Male Transformation of the Week" after losing 80lbs and over 20% Body Fat!

Since his victory, Zach has joined forces with Chris to bring the positive message of personal transformation to every American.

TSC is currently holding a "7-Week Transformation Super Challenge." The challenge features 16 individuals from across America working together towards personal goals but also providing inspiration and motivation for their fellow challengers. The contest, which ends on November 23rd features diverse individuals with diverse goals, but the strength of the 7-WTSC is the community it inspires. At TSC we believe that we are only as strong as our weakest link, we must strengthen ourselves AND help others achieve their goals.

Stay updated on the 7-WTSC, by following along on youtube! Search "Transformation Super Challenge"


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