Thursday, October 23, 2008

Running Laps.... FINISH

Last night Zach and I were at Reseda High School in the Valley, running on a dirt track under the lights.

Our assignment was to run for 25 minutes at a pace of 7-minute miles or less.

We started strong, but after only two laps the task was becoming very arduous. As we ran we were forced to dodge little soccer players and their families as they left the practice field. We choked on dirt from the track as shuffling cleats kicked dirt into the air. My mouth become so dry I could hardly spit.

We continued chewing up the track, as I passed our starting point on our fourth lap, our faithful roommate and timekeeper, Alexis, called out 6:41, I'd done it! I ran my first mile under the 7-minute pace! But my lungs were burning and I still had 18:19 left to run...

We kept at it, running lap after lap, as I finished my second mile Alexis called out 14:23, my pace was slowing and I'd missed the 7-minute per mile goal... And there was still 9:37 left, meaning I had to run at least another mile and half.

The burning sensation in my lungs was palpable and I started thinking "I could quit, why do I need to run? This is stupid, I'm already in pretty good shape, anyway..." but my legs kept churning, as I realized when it comes to the Super Challenge or any other goals that we set in life, we control our own destiny. Thankfully, I had Zach and the TSC community behind me, providing me with more motivation, a kind of positive peer pressure.

Once you have made the commitment and invested yourself in your goal, it becomes harder to quit than to continue. Raise the Bar, and always remember the best moments in your day often come the with the joy of achievement. For Zach and I, life was so sweet yesterday as soon as the stopwatch clicked to 25:01.


-Chris Krueger
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