Friday, October 31, 2008

The Post Up, The Park Bench and The Phone Booth

Workouts need to be focused and intense for us to achieve our GOALS!

HOWEVER, most people in the gym don't have goals, they have only a vague notion of what they hope to accomplish. Alas, a vague notion is not a goal, and without goals these people are very prone to the three most common exercises that I witness every time I go to the gym, The Post Up, The Park Bench and The Phone Booth.

The Post Up: To lean with one arm on a piece of equipment usually in a daze or whilst talking to someone else about something totally unrelated to health, fitness, exercise, training, transformation etc.

The Park Bench: Even worse than the dreaded Post Up is The Park Bench which consists of sitting on a bench or piece of equipment for an extended period of time "resting" or just gabbing, (usually about the weather, sports, or sometimes, politics) thus keeping others from using the equipment and wasting their own time.

The Phone Booth: This is by far my least favorite exercise. The offending party will sit in a Hammer Strength, Cybex or Nautilus machine (usually chest press, sometimes shoulder press, occasionally quad extension) and talk on their phone to someone that is not even at the gym! Other variations of the Phone Booth include texting, emailing, and watching youtube clips on the iPhone. This constantly baffles me. The phone is a piece of equipment that should never enter the gym. Leave it at home or in your car!

Leaning, sitting, and using the phone are activities better suited for the home or office. The gym is for focused and intense training that brings us closer to our goals.

BEWARE of Chatty Cathys and Talking Thomases posting up or using the park bench at your gym, they will try to lure you into a seemingly banal conversation and distract you from your training and goals. Kindly say, "That's interesting, let's talk about that later, I have to get back to my workout."

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-Chris Krueger

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