Friday, October 24, 2008


Hi TSCers,

This morning I was pumping up my delts with some side raises and I was amazed at how much stress and distraction entered the gym. People were stressed about the economy or distracted by the presidential campaign. The little time you spend in the gym (hopefully only 2-3 hours per week) should be an oasis to escape all the negativity in your life. Training in the gym is about accomplishing a series of little goals and improving yourself. It's quintessential "me time." At the gym, you should be able to focus on your goals without the burden of outside stress and distraction affecting you. The economy and the campaign will still be there when you leave the gym, but while you're in there, give yourself the freedom to focus 100% on yourself and your workout.

Whether the economy is robust or faltering and whether a republican or democrat is in the White House, remember, you have the ultimate authority over yourself. TSC is about self empowerment. You can achieve miraculous things in this life, you have the power.


Chris Krueger
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