Monday, October 27, 2008

As Strong as Possible?

I just watched the documentary "Bigger Faster Stronger*" by filmmaker Christopher Bell. In the film, Bell interviews his younger brother "Smelly" about the use of anabolic steroids and his involvement in competitive weightlifting. Smelly says that, "There is no excuse for not being as strong as possible" and continues, that he wouldn't quit steroids because "it would be unacceptable to go from squatting 800lbs to only squatting 700lbs." My jaw practically hit the floor. How could raw strength ever be so important? Strength is great, but health, fitness and overall athleticism are much better.

For me training is only half the equation. The other half is PLAYING! Training is great because it allows you to improve your health, fitness and overall athleticism, but playing is the big pay-off! It's so much fun to run and pass and catch and ride bikes, and climb mountains and go skiing and surfing and hiking! Playing is where it's at! Try a bunch of activities and find what you love to do. Mix it up, pick a variety of activities that you can play or compete in often. And always be eager to try new things. There are so many great activities in the world that you can enjoy with a well trained, well conditioned body. Take full advantage of the opportunities you have, seize today, and seize tomorrow too!

As strong as possible? Defiantly not! Train to play and play to train, enjoy as many fun activities as you can!


-Chris Krueger
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