Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aerobics: Still the Wrong Answer

Unfortunately Aerobics are not in themselves a real and viable solution to transform your body. This is a real shame because I do love the outfits.

The word aerobics literally means, "with air" most people perform 24 hours of aerobics per day, as a matter of fact, eating potato chips and watching LOST is an aerobic activity. Even worse, many aerobics instructors are themselves at least soft and often times overweight. At my gym, I swear every aerobics instructor is overweight and one of them is obviously obese. Think about that, these people do aerobics professionally, they spend their entire day doing aerobics and they're still fat!

To really train the body and improve our fitness we need to venture into the anaerobic zone. Simply training without air. This does not mean suffocation! It means training at an intensity level that makes us winded.

Great examples of anaerobic training are intense weight training and interval training that crosses from the cardio zone into the anaerobic zone (training at an elevated heart rate with intervals that make you winded). Coincidentally, these are the same activities that we include in the Training-10 program because they work and they get real results, fast. They are the best for sculpting fit and healthy attractive bodies.

Also, anaerobic training stimulates the natural production of growth hormone. This is the literal fountain of youth. It will make your joints feel better, your hair shine more, and even strengthen your fingernails.

It's good to get the body moving and do something you enjoy, but activities like step-aerobics are BONUS. You should do them as part of taking your TSC training to the top level, The Champion's Circle.

Chris Krueger

Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 3: Responsibility

Responsibility: The state of being accountable for something within one's power and control.

Week 3 on the POWER-10 Challenge reminds us that we are responsible for ourselves and our outcomes in life.

This is especially true when it comes to our health and fitness. We are blessed to live in a nation of freedom and abundance, this means having options and making choices. It
is our personal responsibility to make the right choices. We must choose to eat the right amounts of the right foods and exercise properly to live fit, healthy and empowered lives.

We get where we are in life by choice, not by chance. America is filled with stunning success stories. The success of others proves that success is possible! Is it possible to make the transformation from obese and angry to fit and happy? Of course it is! Zach did it! Every body can do it, it's just a matter of accepting responsibility and making the right choices.

Chris K.

Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Friday, January 23, 2009


TSCers EVERY BODY CAN TRANSFORM using the proven principles in The Heart of a Champion Training Program.

Zach was fat and slow. I was skinny and weak. We transformed using the same proven principles that we recommend for you. The program works every time it's applied. It will work for you.

Our Transformations...

Chris Krueger

Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day: Real Hope and Change are Here

From sea to shining sea Americans are celebrating the inauguration of our 44th President. Many of us feel that real hope and change is on the way. I have good news, real hope and change isn't just on the way, it's HERE!

Zach's miraculous transformation proves that we all have the power to change. It affirms the hope that meaningful and life affirming transformations can and do take place. The proven principles of the TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program work every time they are applied. Have faith, they will work for you too.

You can totally transform your life by training just 4 hours a week and eating right, what haven't you done it yet? Get The TSC HEART OF A CHAMPION Training & Nutrition Program and Make it Happen!

Chris Krueger

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day: Have a Dream! POWER-10 Week 2: OPTIMISM

As Americans celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and prepare for the inauguration of our 44th President, Barack Obama, we should be filled with hope and remember that real change is possible, if we commit to making it happen.

Dreams can be fulfilled and goals will be realized as long as we commit to achieving them. Learn from the past, throughout history the greatest villains, adversaries and challenges have always been overcome. Of course there are more challenges to conquer and villains to vanquish but we should remain steadfastly optimistic as we face our obstacles. Remember that regardless of the situation or circumstance, this too shall pass.

In America we face numerous challenges including skyrocketing health costs and obesity related illness. These issues go hand in hand, in 2002 a study in Health Affairs, revealed that employers and the privately insured spent over $36.5 Billion, treating obesity related illnesses.

The study also found that on average it costs $1,244 more annually to treat obese people than their healthy weight counterparts. Furthermore, obesity disproportionately affects the poor and minorities.

TSCers know that every frustration is an opportunity for hope and change. Martin Luther King brought forth great change through his courage, determination, and perseverance. All the positive changes in the world are made possible by optimism;

The disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and faithfully expect the best possible outcome.

Optimism is the hope that real and positive change can occur. Optimism is the tiny seedling that grows into a mighty redwood. It's the ability to create a brighter tomorrow by believing that a brighter tomorrow is possible!

TSCers are called to be part of the solution to skyrocketing health care costs and obesity related illness and death. If we all take care to preserve and enhance our personal health and fitness than we can obliterate the American obesity epidemic in our lifetime. Like Gandhi said, "you must be the change you wish to see in the world."

If you want to see a healthy fit America where obesity related illness and skyrocketing health care costs are a thing of the past, where people live long, healthy, empowered lives, if you want to see a brighter tomorrow; then we must transform ourselves, we must be the change we wish to see in America.

Make it a brighter tomorrow!

Chris Krueger

Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Great Week!

Great Week TSCers,

Knock out one more session of 4th Quarter Cardio Saturday morning! Then Go outside and play. Have a great weekend, enjoy the heck out of it!

Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Best Video of The Year!

Please check out our new video on youtube!


Bonus Program: TSCers get yourself in the Champion's Circle. Hike, Shoot Hoops, Go Swimming, Do Something Fun!


TSCers, the bonus program offers you the opportunity to go above and beyond the Heart of a Champion Program. It allows you to set the bar higher and achieve a more miraculous transformation.

The Bonus Program is not extra credit; TSCers have the responsibility to themselves to complete all of the Heart of a Champion workouts. The Bonus is for the TSCers that want to take their transformations to the next level and smash through their goals.
Best of all, the Bonus is fun! As you advance on the POWER-10 Challenge, your body will become more healthy, fit and athletic. The Bonus is simple putting your body to good use and enjoying physical activity.

There are three levels to the Bonus Program.
a. Foundational Health and Fitness
b. Above and Beyond
c. The Champions Circle


Baseball/Softball Horseback Riding Snow Shoveling
Basketball Ice Hockey, Stair Master/Elliptical
Bowling Ice Skating Surfing
Build a Snowman Marital Arts Swimming
Construction Mountain Biking Tag/Capture the flag
Cross-fit Paintball Tennis
Cycling/Spinning Rafting Volleyball
Dancing Roller Skating Wakeboarding
Flag Football Skateboarding Walking
Gymnastics Skiing Wii Fit
Hiking Snowboarding Yoga


Level 1: Foundational Health and Fitness: TSCers perform all the prescribed workouts in the Traning-10 program and strive to consistently improve their performance. They adhere to the principles and rules of the Nurtrition-10 program and make stunning transformations.

Level 2: Above and Beyond: TSCers meet all of the Level 1 requirements and perform Bonus activities on 3-4 different days during the week in order to make astounding Transformations.

Level 3: The Champions Circle: TSCers join The Champions Circle when they commit to meeting all of the Level 1 requirements and perform bonus activities 5 or more days during the week. Champions Circle TSCers perform bonus activities joyously and feel blessed to have the opportunity and ability to use their bodies in some many fun and dynamic ways.


You should enjoy each bonus activities for 30 minutes or more. Please note that you must accomplish bonus activities on different days of the week to count towards Levels 2 and 3. For instance, if you wake up at dawn on a Saturday go surfing at Huntington Beach for a few hours and then meet some friends and play beach volleyball for two more hours and then decide to go In-line Skating to Newport Beach and back, you will have enjoyed a wonderful day at the beach, but this will only count as 1 day toward Levels 2-3.
Alternatively, you could take 45-minute walks every evening Monday thru Friday and join the Champion’s Circle.

The Bonus Program is really about enjoying your body and physical activity. You should play at the beach or play in the snow or train for a black belt or go for peaceful walks in the evening. Find activities that you enjoy and do them! Join The Champions Circle.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Week 1: Integrity

TSCers, for many of you this is your first week on the TSC Heart of a Champion Training & Nutrition Program. First, I want to congratulate everybody that performed Monday's leg workout. Please realize that the first leg workout is the most difficult workout during the entire POWER-10 Challenge. You should expect to be sore, it means that your body is producing lean muscle tissue and that your metabolism is increasing.

Soreness also means that your body is utilizing what I call After Burn. As your body repairs and fortifies itself, it is burning extra calories (to do all that repair work). This is one of the great benefits to weight training, you keep burning calories at a higher rate for days after you workout! This is in stark contrast to aerobic exercise which stops burning extra calories almost immediately. Instead of thinking, "wow, my legs are sore," start thinking, "wow, my body is building lean muscle and I'm still burning extra calories!"

The Transformation Ten word for week 1 is Integrity.

Integrity is the adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Essentially Integrity means setting standards for yourself and living up to them. During the POWER-10 Challenge, we should all challenge ourselves to raise our standards. This means expecting more from ourselves and behaving accordingly.

Integrity is not about being perfect, put rather striving to be better and more honest in all aspects of life.

We should strive to always be honest with others and also with ourselves. We need to look inward and honestly appraise where we are and which direction we're heading. If there are aspects of your life that don't "jive" with who you want to be as person, or that fall below your standards, than for Pete's sake, correct the behavior.

For instance, I developed a pattern of using very foul language. At first I thought it was funny, cussing all the time and carrying on like Entourage's Ari Gold. It took me a long time to realize it, but eventually, I gained the awareness that usually my foul language made me seem juvenile and immature. I then took immediate action to correct the behavior. I agreed to pay a friend a dollar each time I used certain inapropriate words. Needless to say, my cursing has decreased dramatically.

During week 1 of the POWER-10 Challenge, I encourage you to look introspectively and honestly evaluate yourself. Look for ways to adhere to a higher standard and hold yourself to it. If you need help correcting a behavior, especially one related to nutrition and exercise, I'd be happy to help your brainstorm ideas to help you make a positive change.

Chris K.

Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Reward Meal: Sprinkles Cupcakes of Beverly Hills 90210

I had such a beautiful weekend. Sunday I went to Will Rogers State Beach Park. It was a gorgeous day, nearly 80 degrees with a light breeze. I walked along the warm sand, dipped my toes in the cool waters of the Pacific, played a game of beach volleyball (I need some serious work on my volleyball skills) and mostly lounged on a beach blanket. It was glorious.

On the way home my friend Randel and I took a detour through Beverly Hills where we encountered some extra traffic because of the Golden Globe Awards. We ended up at the world famous Sprinkles Cupcakes (they were even featured on Oprah, she loves them), where celebrities stand in line to buy cupcakes for $3.50 apiece. They were also featured in an episode of entourage, Ari Gold brings Sprinkles Cupcakes to Dana Gordon as a piece offering while negotiating for Vince to star in "Lost in the Clouds."

We purchased an assortment of cupcakes; one carrot, two peanut butter chips and two red velvets. These are supposedly the best cupcakes in the world, after all Tyra Banks, claims she's addicted to them.

I sampled the three flavors that we purchased and all of them were delicious, but 5 minutes later the taste was gone. The best cupcakes in the world had changed absolutely nothing. I'd eaten them, they were great, but now they were gone, gone forever.

I used to get really bad food cravings, until I had this epiphany, "the junk foods I crave don't change anything for very long."

I used to have terrible cravings for sweets and treats especially chocolate cake, pecan pie a la mode, and cookies with ice cream. They are all delicious, and I still enjoy all of them, but they don't change anything. That's why I prefer to enjoy them very infrequently and in smaller portions, that I savor instead of pig out on. Whether I eat a piece or scarf the whole pie, it doesn't change me, or who I am. I'd prefer to be the person that can demonstrate enough self control to put the fork down and walk away.

I actually enjoy the challenge of leaving one bite of pie or cake on the plate. Remind yourself that you are in control and you can put the fork down anytime you want, and walk away.

After a few consecutive weeks of healthy eating and carefully following the TSC Nutrition-10, I started to notice that I really looked forward to my healthy TSC meals. I really enjoy steamed broccoli with baby carrots, lean top-sirloin steak, baked potatoes, pasta, berries and yams! I have been craving YAMS, for goodness sake! But my favorite grocery wholesaler was temporarily out of stock, so I had to wait, patience is a wonderful virtue to practice.

For your reward meal, you should enjoy whatever foods that you're craving, but expect to notice that soon you'll be craving a big healthy meal instead of cupcakes, pie and other assorted junk.

Oh, about 20 minutes after I finished the Sprinkles cupcakes, (I had 2.5 cupcakes total) I felt lethargic and my stomach hurt. The best cupcakes in the world gave me a tummy ache.

Chris Krueger

Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Friday, January 9, 2009

TSCers Have a Great Weekend, Go outside and PLAY!

I want all of you to have beautiful weekends. Make it a point to go outside and play. Run around, jump up and down, throw stuff, whatever you like to do. Go play in the great outdoors. Enjoy your body and the opportunities you have to use it. Play in the rain, play in the snow, play in the sunshine!

Get The TSC HEART OF A CHAMPION Training & Nutrition Program and Make it Happen! It contains all the knowledge you need to totally transform your body during the POWER-10 Challenge. It takes less than 4 hours of training per week and is based on the proven principles that work every time they are applied. Guaranteed. Look at what happened when Zach applied them in his life.


Chris demonstrates Transformation Super Crunches.

On Wednesdays, we close the workout with 51 Transformation Super Crunches. Watch the video, check your form, and then... TRANSFORM!

Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Love ______ but I'm Totally Out of Shape.

TSCers, I hope that you have a sport or physical activity that you are passionate about. Growing up in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains, I've always had a lot of friends that are extremely passionate about snowboarding.

Friends of mine that can sleep until noon every weekend all summer long will wake up at 5:30 in the morning on a Saturday and drive in the freezing cold, over snow and ice to get to the mountain to enjoy a gorgeous day in the crisp northwest air and some fluffy powder snow.

Many of my snowboard enthusiast friends are carrying 30lbs of excess body Fat with them every time they go to the mountain. It's literally weighing them down. This is particularly bad for snowboarders because excess body Fat means increased momentum, hard landings and even harder falls. A strenuous physical activity like snowboarding is great for the body, mind and spirit, but excess fat means unnecessary wear and tear on your joints, especially your knees.

My friend John burned off over 50 pounds of fat before the snowboard season one year. He said, being in shape with better cardio conditioning and being physically more fit and lighter led him to have his best snowboard season ever.

Ridding the body of excess fat will make you better at almost any physical activity (except for Sumo wrestling). If you enjoy basketball, burning off excess body fat means you will literally jump higher and run faster, ask Zach Sokolik. He transformed by burning off nearly 100 pounds of body fat and simultaneously quadrupled his value and enjoyment as a basketball player.

So TSCers, if you have a sport or physical activity that you are passionate about, you should expect to enjoy it more after the POWER-10 Challenge. You'll be lighter, quicker, faster and more agile. All around you'll be more athletic, your heart will be in better shape and your joints will thank you.

Chris Krueger.

Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Yellow Brick Road: Frustration to Fitness, just follow the Path

In the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, the compelling heroine, Dorothy, sets out on a journey to the Emerald City to find hope and a way home.

The good witch, Glinda, shows Dorothy the path, the yellow brick road. The yellow brick road leads her on a journey of self-discovery as she meets new friends and confronts personal challenges.

Her new friends, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion make similar discoveries on their way to the Emerald City. They use brains, heart and courage that they didn't realize they possessed.

The POWER-10 Challenge mirrors the beautiful symbolism of The Wizard of Oz. It's up to you to be the hero or heroine of your own journey. Like Glinda, the good witch, Zach and I will show you your own yellow brick road, the Training-10 Program.

The Training-10 Program will lead you directly to your own Emerald City of hope and potential.

Along the way you will find the confidence, heart and courage that you have possessed all along.

It's important to follow the POWER-10 path with a purpose. Dorothy followed the yellow brick road, because she loved her family and wanted to return home to them.

Think of the people you love and the people that love you. They want you to be happier, healthier and more confident. Do the POWER-10 Challenge with a purpose and love in your heart and you will find your way home.

I wish you the best on your Transformation journey.

Chris Krueger
Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!