Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The TSC 300 Challenge

TSCers, we have a new Saturday workout; The TSC 300 Challenge. It’s a quantitative fitness test that allows you to measure your progress as you improve your health and fitness. The TSC 300 Challenge is a 3-part physical fitness test that was adopted from the same standards that are used to evaluate Army Rangers, Navy Seals and Force Recon Marines.

The test is made up of three basic exercises, pull-ups, push-ups and a three-mile run. Each section of the TSC 300 Challenge is worth a maximum of 100 points. To max the test a TSCer must score 100 points in all three categories. To score 300 you will have to develop balance, coordination, strength and endurance.

The goal of the TSC 300 Challenge is to motivate you to make consistent improvement and to quantify the progress that you make. By pushing yourself to improve your score on The 300 Challenge you will enjoy the simultaneous benefit of making a staggering TRANSFORMATION as you burn fat and build lean muscle.

The Events

Pull-ups: Complete as many “dead-hang” pull-ups as possible. This means fully extending your arms at the bottom of the pull-up and bringing your chin even with the top of the bar to complete one repetition.

Push-ups: Complete as many TSC Push-ups as possible. Keep your body straight and use a full range of motion. Your upper arms should be parallel to the ground at the bottom of your push-up. At the top of your push-up your elbows should be locked or very close to the locked position. You may pause briefly during your set, but you must maintain proper push-up position, this will really test your core-strength as well.

The 3-Mile Run: Run three miles as fast as you can! I recommend setting up a 1.5-mile course and performing 2 laps. Also try to run on grass if possible, this will reduce the impact on your joints.
The Scoring

For Men:

Pull-ups: Each rep is worth 5 points and the max score is 20 pull-ups for 100 points.
Push-ups: Each rep is worth 2 points and the max score is 50 push-ups for 100 pts.
The Run: 18:00 minutes or less scores 100 points. Subtract 1 point from 100 for every ten-second increment above 18 minutes.

For Women:
Pull-ups: Each rep is worth 10 points and the max score is 10 pull-ups for 100 points.
Push-ups: Each rep is worth 4 points and the max score is 25 push-ups for 100 pts.
The Run: 21:00 minutes or less scores 100 points. Subtract 1 point from 100 for every ten-second increment above 21:00 minutes.

The Purpose of The TSC 300 Challenge is to give you a benchmark for you to improve upon every week. You should strive to improve your score 5-10 points or more every week. For more information on The 300 Challenge check out this YouTube video:

John does 11 pull-ups, 29 push-ups and runs the 3-mile in 24:04, his score is 176.
Bryan does 0 pull-ups, 2 push-ups and runs the 3-mile in 32:50, his score is 15.
Jane does 7 pull-ups, 22 push-ups and runs the 3-mile in 23:09, her score is 245.

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james said...

hey there should i only do this challenge once a week or can i do it more, also what training should i be doing inbetween the challenge?


martin.dgx said...

I reached 300 points first time i did it and actually i really don't look like u man... how many days do i have to do it to start to see the difference ?


Macabr3 said...

These answers are simple even to me.
James you shouldnt be doin it once a week but every other day or at least 3 times a week. This is totally do able. The idea is to keep improving toward the 300 point goal, so goota put ij the work for the results.
Martin if you reach 300 points you are very healthy but if you do not look like him its simply because your body retains fat more. Try adjusting your diet or throw in more cardiovascular exercise like 30 min runs or more to shed the pounds.
Top Tip: Sit-ups improve muscular strength but do not lead to a six pack. Reducing your body fat through cardio to make the muscle visible is the answer for the cut look.

Eduardo M said...

hey chris, in your transformation video called "70 days" at first you show us how you were right after finishing the program, and then you show how you were 6 months later..
my question is what do i have to do now ,that i finished the program, to be like you in 6 months? ( i got amazing results by the way )..
thanks .

Cre8Wealth said...

I have to just say a HUGE thank you.

I cannot run 3 miles, or do 10 pullups without using bands I can do pushups which is 1 out of 3! HOWEVER, I had to say thank you as my partner Rob was watching your video and I thought to myself "I WILL DO THIS" so, put on my tabata timer and started to teach myself to run by doing 4 minutes sprint training.


Thank you so much for the push I needed to get me outside and trying to get my fitness levels up so I can do the TSC 300 challenge . . eventually!

With so much thanks and appreciation.

Cathi x

Chris M said...

I just did this this morning; great challenge! I scored 233 with 16 pull ups, 34 push-ups and a run time of 20min 25 sec. I did this the day after ring dips and weighted (arms only) rope climbs that are part of my regular workouts at home. The night before, my "pre-race" meal was Madeira wine and 1/2lb of Pistachios :) Next time I will rest a bit and eat/hydrate better, but hey--this was a real world assessment; and Madeira or Belgian ale with salted nuts is a Friday ritual! Cheers all!