Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Golden Paradox

Every person is unique, important and valuable. We should all recognize this fact and do our best to treat every person with care and respect.

Think about it, Do you consider yourself to be unique? important? valuable? Do you want to be treated with care and respect? Of course!

Does is stand to reason that all other people think of themselves as unique, important and valuable? Does is stand to reason that they would want to be treated with care and respect? Of course!

Let's delve further into our uniqueness, importance and value.

Uniqueness - Each of us has a unique genetic code contained in our DNA and made different decisions and had unique life experiences that have shaped us. At this moment and every moment you are totally unique, it's impossible to be un-unique.

Importance - This is your life. This is your only chance to be the unique person that you are on this earth, forever. Make it count.

Value - You are the only person in the history of the world with your exact blend of talents and abilities. You can contribute to the world in your own special way that nobody else can. You can help, heal, comfort, love, teach, care and create in a way that is totally your own.

A few months ago, I toured the Getty Center for the first time. The Getty is basically LA's version of the Louvre. It has some of the most incredible art works ever created. My jaw dropped when I entered a room filled with paintings by the masters of impressionism and post impressionism; Masterpieces by Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, and Cezanne lined the walls. The crowning piece in the collection is Vincent van Gogh's Irises. It's a one of a kind masterpiece worth well over $100 million.The value of the artwork in the room is mind-boggling. There's easily over a Billion dollars worth of Art just hanging there, in that one room! Visitors from all over the globe crowded around the various masterpieces. Excited for the mere opportunity to glimpse them in real life.

I smiled as I stood in the room, realizing an incredible paradox. People from all over the world were standing in awe, viewing some of the greatest masterpieces of all time. But think of the value of the people! The people in the room are all one of a kind! The people are all masterpieces! The people move and breathe and think and live! The artwork in all it's glory, is refined to hanging on a wall.

If van Gogh's Irises is worth well over $100 Million than each and every person in that room with me at the Getty must be PRICELESS.

People are all masterpieces and they should be treated as such! We should treat everyone like the unique, important and valuable masterpiece that they are!

We must strive to treat others with respect! To treat all people the way we want to be treated. We are all masterpieces.

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Ms. Dawn said...

This post really made me think about my own value. I think that people really do need to look at themselves and determine what makes them stand out in a crowd. What makes them of value to themselves as well as to their family and friends. I pride myself on being unique because that is was makes me so special, so different from any other person. And I also realize that I have been neglecting my body. It's time to take control of my life and push myself to my fullest potential mind, body, and soul.

Great Post!