Monday, April 27, 2009

Self-Esteem: The Inner Transformation

So many Americans are awash in self-loathing, self-doubt and self-pity. The source of the problem is SELF-ESTEEM, our appraisal of our own self-worth. The TSC program can anchor your life and be the catalyst you need to Transform. TSC transformations are more than skin deep, they improve your ability to love yourself and others.

Recently I was introduced to a young women (about 26) at a dinner party. She had heard about TSC and told me that she wanted to "lose weight." I talked with her outside for a half hour and discovered that there was a lot more going on than just a desire to "lose weight."

She had struggled with school and had low self-esteem. She turned to street drugs to make herself feel better, thus developing a serious meth addiction. Then strung-out and feeling like a loser her family helped her to kick meth, but she replaced her drug problem with a drinking problem.

The drinking problem compounded her underlying self-esteem issues because she gained 60 lbs of fat through her excessive alcohol consumption and additional over eating. This of course led to more drinking and over eating as part of a vicious cycle.

I stood in the yard speaking with her, peeling back the layers of the onion and helping her understand the root cause of her problems. It was her self-image that needed fixing, not a meth addiction, drinking problem or weight problem. Her problem was SELF-ESTEEM.

Drugs, drinking and over eating are all temporary-feeling-changers. They help individuals cope with the way things are, instead of helping them CHANGE THE WAY THINGS ARE. Addicts use drugs to feel high, Alcoholics drink to forget their problems, Obese people eat to momentarily revel in the taste of the foods they lust for instead of dealing with the real issues. Everyone is susceptible to the perils of drugs, drinking and over eating, even the rich and famous! Comedians John Belushi, Chris Farley both died tragically at just 33 years old before they could transform their lives.The great thing about making a TSC Transformation is that it CHANGES THE WAY THINGS ARE. Creating a fit and healthy body develops lasting feelings of confidence, empowerment and self-worth that stay with you! A TSC Transformation changes you inside and out. It uses the enthusiasm cycle (the opposite of a viscous cycle) to spur you on to more success and ever greater achievements!

I wrote down my email address for the young women and gave her a hug. Now it's up to her. Everyone can transform and TSC can help you get there. TSC is like a lighthouse, we can guide you to safety in stormy weather or you can crash your ship on the rocks, but the choice is yours, you can steer your vessel is whichever direction you choose.
Transform now, get the TSC HEART OF A CHAMPION Training & Nutrition Program.
-Chris Krueger
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