Friday, February 13, 2009

TSC Around the World

TSCers, We are all connected!

I want you to know that you are not alone. Every morning TSCers from all over the globe rise, shine and transform. There are TSCers living the Heart of a Champion Training & Nutrition Program everyday all over the world.

Thanks to the power of the Internet we have been able to spread the positive life affirming messages of TSC all over the globe. Everyday TSCers on 6 of the world's 7 continents (so far we have no known TSCers in Antarctica) use our proven principles to craft wonderful healthy bodies.

TSC is now a global community and success stories are pouring in from all over the world.

-Brian, a father and business owner in Southern California is down two belt loops after just 2 weeks on the program.

-My friend Dave called yesterday and shared that he had burned enough fat and gained enough muscle to lower his Body Fat by 5% in his first 10 days on the Program! That's a phenomenal improvement.

-Dan in Michigan emailed me a few days ago to let me know that he had burned off 14 pounds of Fat in less than 2 weeks!

-In Hawai'i another TSCer reports that he's "getting shredded!"

-In Mississippi one dedicated TSCers burned up 6 pounds of body fat in his first week on the program and reports that he can "already feel the transformation momentum," beginning.

-Women are also experiencing great success using the proven principles of the TSC program. In California, a mother/daughter team has burned through 16 pounds of body fat in just 4 weeks. Both report that they are feeling better and loving the results.

We are part of a global community, we are all connected. When I wake-up and drive to the gym on Mondays I'm amazed to think that all the TSCers in Europe have already done their morning training and are probably about ready to head home from work or they're fully immersed in a bonus program activity. Literally, the Sun never sets on the TSC community.

Keep up the great work TSCers! Please continue to spread the life affirming messages of TSC. Refer your friends and family to the TSC blog. Tell them to get The TSC HEART OF A CHAMPION Training & Nutrition Program when they are ready to join our world wide transformation community and Make it Happen!

Chris Krueger

Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

Photo by Michale Goff, Struturae

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Lee said...

Hi everyone,

Just want to say Hi and let you know that I've just started the program. I'm on day 2 (yes, my legs hurt!). I'm looking forward to the results not only in body shape but in how I feel altogether.

Shout out to my friends that are also doing it: Raul (Spanish) on week 10 now. Blair (Scottish) on week 4. Azlan (Malaysian) on week 4. And me, Lee (English) on day 2 :-( (loooong way to go!)