Friday, February 6, 2009

Reduce Soreness. Recover Faster. Feel Better. Transform.

TSCers, I want to assure all of you that are just beginning The Heart of a Champion Training & Nutrition Program that week 1 is by far the most difficult. Most of your bodies are in for a bit of a "rude awakening" but they will finally be awake! Your lungs will breath deeply, your heart will grow stronger, blood will pump to your extremities and your eyes will focus. It's time to rise like the Phoenix!

Here are a few simple ways to reduce soreness and help your body recover faster.

a) Go For an easy jog or bike ride, going for an easy jog (preferably on grass) or a bike ride at a slightly elevated heart rate will help pump the lactic acid out of your legs.

b) Ice bath like a polar bear, this works wonders: literally fill your tub up with ice and cold water. Try wearing socks on your feet, they'll get wet but your toes won't get as cold. (surfer booties work great too).

c) Stretch, Immediately following your workout, take a few minutes to stretch the muscle groups that you worked. This is called "Static Cool Down," be sure that you hold each stretch for 10-20 seconds before moving on to the next stretch. This will definitely reduce the soreness and tightness associated from a strenuous workout.

Get plenty of sleep, 7-8 hours a night. You're body repairs itself in your sleep. Get some.

e) Faithfully follow the Nutrition-10. You're body needs the proper fuel to repair and rebuild itself better than ever.

Reduce Soreness. Recover Faster. Feel Better. Transform.

Chris Krueger
Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

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