Saturday, January 2, 2010

You Complete Me

Tom Cruise's famous line in Jerry Maguire is total BS.
"You complete me" is something you should never think or feel. You MUST complete yourself. I've talked with two friends recently about their bad break-ups and both placed the blame for their failed relationships squarely on their ex-girlfriends.

They kept whining, "Why couldn't she be more understanding?" "She never called me back!" "She was selfish." "She didn't want to help me." "She wasn't there for me when I needed her." They had both used their previous relationships to fill a void in themselves. They had a piece missing and they thought a girlfriend would complete them.

Besides recent bad break-ups and useless diatribes of "she wasn't ______ enough when I needed her most." Guess what else these two guys had in common?


They are both FAT and extremely out of shape. They both choose to live boring sedentary lives and both of them blame others for their failings in business, school and relationships instead of taking responsibility for themselves.

Being out of shape and fat carries so many disgusting side-effects; low self-esteem, lack of energy, depression, lack of confidence, denial, guilt, stress and the need for external stimulants and validation. Your fat weighs you down, literally. It's like an anchor and a rain cloud that follow you everywhere. You're fatness is your personal prison cell.

But you have the keys to unlock your true self! You are only fat because you choose to be! Consciously or unconsciously you make decisions everyday that keep you fat, unhealthy and rob you of the opportunity to be happy, confident, energetic and empowered.

If you're a fat, depressed, sloth of a human of course you are going to fail in relationships! Of course your girlfriend will dump you or your wife will want a divorce. If all you care about is what's on TV and whether or not you have cold beer in the fridge, you are a LOSER! And the saddest part is that you choose to be a loser.

You have to complete yourself! How can anyone be in a healthy relationship if they are themselves incomplete and in search of validation? It's impossible! It's like the 13 year old girls that go on Maury Povich and say that they are gonna have a baby and that the baby is going to love them. It's the same thing with depressed fat people. They get themselves into relationships just so that they can hear the other person say "I love you." Really it's one of the most selfish things you can do.

Think about this paradox... Many people associate fit people with narcissism and think "all they care about is looking good in front of the mirror." I will readily admit that the world is full of fit people that are total jerks, tools and jokes (see the Jersey Shore) but, the most narcissistic people in my opinion are depressed fat people.

Often, they blame everyone else for their shortcomings and failures and refuse to take responsibility for themselves. They need others to care for them because they won't to care for themselves.

You can't truly love someone else until you love yourself. Now, I'm not talking about being "in love" with yourself and spending all day doing your hair, posing in front of the mirror, and picking out the perfect outfit (see Jersey Shore again). I'm talking about genuinely caring for yourself and your well being. When you take responsibility for yourself you are actually being selfless, not selfish. Once you take responsibility for yourself, you can no longer be a burden on others or society as a whole.

When things aren't going the way you want you should look inward first, it's probably your fault. Stop looking for scapegoats. Blaming others for your situation might feel good in the moment but it usually results in burning bridges, losing friends, and ending up right back where you started, but worse.

Albert Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

So if you're fat, depressed and keep blaming everyone else and it still isn't working, don't you think that it's time for a change...or are you INSANE?

Take responsibility for yourself and your health and fitness. You hold the keys to your personal prison cell. When you are ready to feel real joy and happiness, get the Heart of a Champion program and transform your life.

I can't give you the "heart" but I can help you find it. You don't learn to have the Heart of a Champion, you have to uncover it like an archaeologist. When you take responsibility for yourself and your well being and commit to the program you will reveal the Heart of a Champion.

Hopefully my friends will find the heart and transform their lives before another unfortunate female gets trapped in their web of incompleteness.


Chris Krueger
Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!


John said...

Very accurate and true.
What is happening to America's youth? Obesity is on the rise, but with the technology and knowledge of 2010, people really have no excuse to be overweight anymore. Fight it off.

Transformation Super Challenge said...

John, unfortunately technology is part of the problem. It's so easy for people to waste days, months and years of their lives looking at a television. It the "good ol' days" people would actually go outside and really enjoy life and PLAY.

Also, many of us are so brainwashed by today's high-potency marketing that is basically beamed right into our brains that we don't know what's the right thing to do... Thanks for the comment. CK.

K3N said...

Hey CK !

I agree a 100% on the article and on your comment. thanks dude for all of this. My life has taken a slight change and all is going goood !