Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Ultimate Fat Burner


What should you take to get ripped fast? Have you ever dreamed of having ripped sexy abs? Abs so ripped that you could literally use them to grate a block of cheddar cheese! Do you wanna melt fat from your midsection and reveal a shredded six pack or an unbelievable 8-pack? Do you wanna have the best abs in the world and be admired by everyone? Do you wanna feel more confident and have more success with women? Do you wanna live in a penthouse and date super models? Then you need ripped abs!

But how? There are so many different pills and supplements to take and what about those dreaded side effects! How can you be sure what is safe, effective and proven to work? Who can you trust?

Look no further, I have an amazing secret to share with you!


Stop popping pills whilst taking the elevator or escalator. Go for long walks and take the STAIRS! They are proven to burn fat and have zero of those annoying harmful side effects.

Proper training and nutrition work every time. Supplement companies don't care about you! They will sell you sawdust and bellybutton lint in a capsule and tell you that it's an amazing scientific breakthrough formula to "melt fat" from all of your "problem areas." THESE COMPANIES ARE FULL OF BOLOGNA! and spend millions of dollars every year brainwashing the general public with glossy ads and overblown promises, and phony studies.

Train Right.
Eat Right.
Sleep Right

And please, for your own sake, read this tidbit from the FTC about some of the fraudulent supplement companies being fined for false advertising:


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Chris Krueger

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