Friday, March 27, 2009


The Bonus Program offers you the opportunity to go above and beyond the Heart of a Champion Program. It allows you to set the bar higher and achieve a more miraculous transformation.

The Bonus Program is not extra credit; TSCers have the responsibility to themselves to complete all of the Heart of a Champion workouts. The Bonus is for TSCers that want to take their transformations to the next level and smash through their goals.

Best of all, the Bonus is fun! As you advance on the POWER-10 Challenge, your body will become more healthy, fit and athletic. The Bonus is simply putting your body to good use and enjoying physical activity.

There are three levels to the Bonus Program.
a. Foundational Health and Fitness
b. Above and Beyond
c. The Champions Circle

Baseball/Softball, Horseback Riding, Snow Shoveling
Basketball, Ice Hockey, Stair Master/Elliptical
Bowling, Ice Skating, Surfing
Build a Snowman and go Sledding, Marital Arts, Swimming
Construction, Mountain Biking, Tag/Capture the flag
Cross-fit, Paintball, Tennis
Cycling/Spinning, Rafting, Volleyball
Dancing, Roller Skating/In-line Skating, Wakeboarding
Flag/Touch Football, Skateboarding, Walking
Gymnastics, Skiing, Wii Fit
Hiking, Snowboarding, Yoga

Level 1: Foundational Health and Fitness: TSCers perform all the prescribed workouts in the Traning-10 program and strive to consistently improve their performance. They adhere to the principles and rules of the Nurtrition-10 program and make stunning transformations.
Level 2: Above and Beyond: TSCers meet all of the Level 1 requirements and perform Bonus activities on 3-4 different days during the week in order to make astounding Transformations.
Level 3: The Champions Circle: TSCers join The Champions Circle when they commit to meeting all of the Level 1 requirements and perform bonus activities 5 or more days during the week. Champions Circle TSCers perform bonus activities joyously and feel blessed to have the opportunity and ability to use their bodies in so many fun and dynamic ways.
You should enjoy each bonus activity for 30 minutes or more. Please note that you must accomplish bonus activities on different days of the week to count towards Levels 2 and 3. For instance, if you wake up at dawn on a Saturday go surfing at Huntington Beach for a few hours and then meet some friends and play beach volleyball for two more hours and then decide to go in-line skating to Newport Beach and back, you will have enjoyed a wonderful day at the beach, but this will only count as 1 day toward Levels 2-3.
Alternatively, you could take 45-minute walks every evening Monday thru Friday and join the Champion’s Circle.
The Bonus Program is really about enjoying your body and physical activity. You should play at the beach or play in the snow or train for a black belt or go for peaceful walks in the evening. Find activities that you enjoy and do them! Join The Champions Circle.

Transform your body now and change your life forever. Get the TSC Heart of a Champion Program and Make it Happen!

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