Monday, March 9, 2009

Fear or Pride

What motivates you?

Fear and Pride are two extremely powerful sources of motivation.

FEAR Motivation literally scares you into action! It often comes after a check-up, when your doctor tells you about your unsafe blood pressure, adult on-set diabetes or other obesity related health issues. The Fear motivates you away from your current condition.

PRIDE Motivation compels you to act based on your self-worth. It often begins with a long look in the mirror and the thought "I'm better than this and I expect more from myself." Pride motivates you towards your goals.

Both are powerful sources of motivation, but I believe PRIDE motivation is more useful and longer lasting.

Fear motivation will only inspire you enough to avoid health risks, but it will never motivate you to be your best. Also Fear motivation dissipates as soon as you are out of the "danger zone" however, Pride motivation can compel you to new heights as you pursue excellence.

I encourage you to take pride in your health and fitness, to always do your best and to TRANSFORM NOW!

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Chris Krueger

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