Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions: Make it Happen in 2012

Time for some serious New Year's Resolutions. Decide on 2 or 3 things that you really want to change and improve. Create quantifiable goals and a plan to achieve them.

1. School: Get straight A's. Finish all assignments early. Attend all classes and take thorough notes each time. Proof read, double check and seek your teachers/profs advice on how to improve all papers and projects before they are due. Do additional study and review for every class every night, Sunday-Thursday.

2. Social Confidence: Become more approachable and make more friends. Make eye contact and smile. Introduce yourself to 3 or more new people every day. Take pride in offering a firm and sincere handshake to everyone that you meet. Make plans/organize 3 or more events for you and your friends to enjoy every month.

3. Health & Fitness. Look my best, feel my best, be my best. Crush the TSC Heart of a Champion Program with a 100% adherence rating. Join the Champion Circle each week with bonus activities that I enjoy. Increase my 300 Challenge score by 15 or more points each week.

Make 2012 your best year ever.


TheBody said...

Hi Chris,

First of all, thanks for your program and it's amazing for me!
I have questions about drinks which I hope you'll be able to answer for me.
On saturday evening, are a couple of beers okay to drink?
I'm also a big coffee drinker without milk & sugar, is that okay and how about diet coke? I like to drink it and it only has 0.7kCal per can but assume that this is still bad?

Thanks for answering!

Kevin (Belgium, Europe)

PreviLEAN said...

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