Thursday, March 10, 2011

Amy is making it happen in the UK

I've got to Week 2 of the programme and I'm feeling awesome. I've been sore since pretty much every day since I started, but I tell myself that this is what it takes for my muscles to get stronger and for me to get fitter. I've never done a fitness programme or any kind of diet before. I've never really been in great shape before either. What I like about the Heart of a Champion Programme is it's simple and makes sense. The exercises are basic and effective and the nutrition programme isn't a fad diet, but something you can use to change the way you eat forever. I'm so much more aware of what I'm eating and what I should be eating. And the great thing about a prescribed programme is that it keeps me accountable. I feel guilty if I think about missing a day because I'm too tired or too busy, which is a bogus excuse anyway, because I can easily rustle up 30-40 minutes in the day to do my TSC workout.

I also find inspired to change my life for the better in other ways - to be more organised, more productive, more positive, to use my time better. And any time I feel a bit de-motivated, I watch one of your YouTube videos and it gets my mind back onto the right track.

I'm excited about what the next few weeks of this programme have in store. I feel excited about pushing myself to improve and seeing what I'm capable of doing.

Thank you for your ongoing inspiration.

Best wishes
London, England

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Mari Santos said...

First days of fitness programs can really be hard especially if you haven't stretched your muscles for a long time. Just don't forget to warm up before doing your routines for the program. After a few days or week your body will get used to it and it would make you feel better after each exercise.