Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letter from a Former Marine

Recently Josh S. a served 4 years as an active duty US Marine. He's been out of service for a few years and is living in the Chicago area purchased. He just purchased the TSC Heart of a Champion program and sent me this email.
Okay, I do have one question, I read through your program and you say their is no such thing as a bulking and cutting stage, then how am i supposed to get big. I'm a pretty skinny guy with not a lot of muscle mass its hard for me to gain muscle. I am an ectomorph body type with a pretty quick metabolism. Well, right now I'm not that skinny I weigh around 170 and I'm 5'11 but not a lot of muscle and I have man boobs, how do you get rid of those? After I get thinner I want to get bigger with lean muscle but I want to lose the man boobs and I don't know how I got those, I need your help. What about plateauing, you never mentioned that, won't my muscles get used to the same exercises? - Josh S.

I responded promptly with the following email.
Josh, Great question, for your current situation you would check the ideal weight chart on page 10. Since you are 5'11" your ideal weight range is 172-200lbs. Since you're already 170 and worried about your body fat and man boobs, I suggest that you set a goal weight of 172. Since you're within 10 lbs of your goal weight you should start with nutrition profile number 3, BALANCE (page 14). Since 172 is closer to 170, than 175 you should use the BALANCE profile for a goal weight of 170. That means you will be eating 2271 calories per day, with 170 g of protein, 284 g's of carbs, and 51 g's of fat. Also, make sure that you're consuming those calories while also following the Nutrition-10.

You will start burning fat and building muscle immediately. Crank up your bonus activities to see results faster. You can adjust the nutrition profiles from week to week, but with your current situation you will steadily progress towards being ripped and lean at 172 pounds. Once you get to a lean 172 you can adjust your goal weight to a higher number like 184, and then chose profile 4, BUILD to continue seeing lean gains and avoid "plateaus."

Also, the concept of "plateaus" is also kind of bogus. The real goal is for you to be YOUR BEST. Not THE biggest person or THE strongest person. By following the program your body will naturally progress to being its best. You'll be Fit, Fast, Strong and LEAN. Let me ask you this, did Michael Jordan plateau at 216? of course not, he found the point at which he was his ABSOLUTE BEST. Getting any bigger or heavier would have meant sacrificing speed, vertical and quickness. You body will naturally reach the point at which you are your best when you give it the The Heart of a Champion.

Also, in ten weeks you can get THE NEXT STEP for FREE. So you will be able to make more progress, see more improvement and BE YOUR BEST.

Start thinking of your ideal body and ideal self and live up to that image. Raise your standards for everything and make it happen. Picture yourself at 182 lbs, 30 inch waist, chiseled chest, powerful back, strong legs, great arms, cannon ball shoulders and RIPPED ABS. Each day that you follow the TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program you take yourself a step closer to realizing your vision of your ideal self. Deep down inside you are that person, it's up to you make it happen and bring that person to the surface for the whole world to see.

Thanks for writing,

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

TSC Mail Bag

TSCers, from time to time, I'd like to share some actual email exchanges that I have with TSCers around the world.

Michael J. wrote the following email:

Chris, you're looking insanely ripped in that new bicep video man, you have a very impressive physique. I hope you don't mind me asking, but I have tons of questions for you.

1. What's your diet like in order to achieve that low of body fat in your new bicep video?

2. Did you achieve the musculature in that video only by training with the TSC plan?

3. Is it possible to gain weight while having that low body fat?

4. What kind of cardio do you do to get that low body fat and how many days a week do you do it?

5. Do you still train in the morning on an empty stomach? Because I remember reading somewhere it is great for burning fat, but it can also burn muscle (since I'm an ectomorph, I don't want to lose my muscle lol). Should I be worrying about this or just suck it up?

Thanks for everything, you really inspire me to improve my health and fitness. Really, I can't thank you enough, you are an amazing inspiration to me.
And this was my response:
Thanks for writing me. I'm usually able to respond to all my emails within 72 hours but the past two weeks have been crazy. Thanks for watching the biceps video, more training vids like that one are on the way.

To answer your questions:

1. My diet: currently I'm following the Nutrition-10 rules (like everyone should) and eating on the "Balance" profile for a goal weight of 200 pounds. On the new TSC Program you can adjust your goal weight and your profile to find exactly how much you should be eating to achieve the results you want.

2. Yes. There are actually 3 TSC plans that can be rotated during the year, the first one is the Heart of a Champion Transformation program which lays the foundation for the more advanced programs. They are all based around my principle based training philosophy.

3. Yes. You can and should maintain low body fat (between 4-12%) pretty much your entire life. To increase your weight you'll just have to adjust your goal weight and nutrition profile. If you start getting fat then you just readjust your profile or goal weight.

4. The cardio workouts are in the program. You'll do two 20 minute cardio sessions during the week and the 300 challenge on Saturday. Beyond that you can choose to do bonus activities (I recommend walking and hiking) and TSC Super Cardio workouts, if you want too.

5. Yes, Usually that's what I like to do. I'm busy just like everyone else, but I make it a priority. However, sometime I just can't make it to the gym until lunch time, in that case I will eat when I wake up and never within an hour of training. So if I wake up at 6am, I'll eat 6:15 and 9:15 and hit the gym at noon. Or if I wake up at 9am, I'll eat breakfast and hit the gym at noon. There are also rules for post workout nutrition, but they are covered in the program too.

Chris K.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

True Happiness

The Lakers just one the NBA Championship. For many of the players this is the culmination of a lifelong dream. They worked hard, persevered in a constant effort to improve and make it to the next level. They endured setbacks and tribulations but finally achieved the ultimate success in their profession.

I watched the game at a bar in my hometown with two high school friends. Sitting near us was a huge Lakers fan, literally, the man was over three hundred pounds and decked out in purple from head to toe. He chanted defense when the Lakers needed a stop and cheered wildly when they sank their free throws. As the final buzzer sounded, he erupted into a euphoric display of emotion, running around high-fiving all of his fellow Lakers fans and talking smack to the Celtics' supporters.

I watched in amusement as this behemoth celebrated as if he was part of team and he had accomplished a lifelong dream. He hadn't. I'm certain he's a huge fan, but what does that entail really? It means you "invest" $200 on an authentic Kobe jersey and spend 84+ nights a year drinking beer and yelling at your television when the refs call Kobe for a foul?

What if this man spent more of his valuable resources, time and money, finding ways to improve his life? I'm certain he would enjoy more real happiness, instead of the fleeting false happiness that comes from celebrating others achievements.

Instead of cheering for the players he should begin emulating their drive and work ethic in his own life, because real happiness is spawned by achievement. That's why the players are truly happy, they've worked hard and achieved the pinnacle of their profession.

If you want to be really happy you will dedicate yourself to the pursuit of achievements that are real and meaningful to yourself. Such as making the varsity, being accepted to a good school, graduating from a good school, getting a good job, earning a promotion, finding the person that you want to spend your life with, building a strong marriage, raising a loving family, purchasing your dream home, helping your children succeed. These are real and meaningful achievements that foster authentic happiness.

So what should our fanatic Lakers fan do? How about investing some time in himself and working to transform his body. That's a real and meaningful accomplishment that could be achieved with some hard work and perseverance. Plus I'm certain that women will be more attracted to a healthy and fit man, than a 300 pounder wearing a purple tank top with another man's last name stitched on it.

Then he could apply the lessons he learned from his transformation to all aspects of his daily life. He could find solutions, overcome obstacles and ACHIEVE TRUE HAPPINESS.

Rhetorically, how insane is it that we live in a nation of obese sports fanatics? I enjoy watching sports but wouldn't we all have more fun if we shut off our TV's and went outside and played sports instead of just watching them?

Today, I woke up with a smile on my face because I knew that later in the morning I would run as fast as I possibly could. When was the last time that you pushed your limits and ran as fast as possible? You watch athletes do it all the time on TV, but when was the last time that you truly sprinted your heart out? It's an amazing feeling and it's free!

And you know whats even better? Improving your speed so that your fastest becomes faster and faster.

I've strayed tangentially from my intended topic, but my main point is, invest more of your time and money into your own achievement. Stop spending so much time and energy cheering for millionaire athletes. Instead invest yourself in things that truly matter.

Chris Krueger

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Kobe Photo by Keith Allison

Saturday, June 12, 2010

TSC Heart of a Champion Traning & Nutrition Program NOW AVAILABLE


Greetings from sunny Southern California. Thank you for your interest in the TSC Heart of a Champion 3.0 Training & Nutrition Program. It literally just became available. This is the exact program I used to rebuild my body after a devastating back injury that caused two herniated discs in my lower spine. After just 10 weeks of following the program I'd totally transformed. In 10 weeks I'd burned over 50 lbs of fat and built new lean muscle. The program burns fat and builds muscle. It works for everyone it doesn't matter if you are too fat, too skinny, too weak or have "bad genetics."

The new version of the program has been totally revamped and upgraded across the board. The nutrition portion has been upgraded the most and now features 5 Nutrition profiles that allow you to tailor the program to your specific needs. The training section of the program has been tweaked and streamlined to make it even more efficient and effective than ever before. I've also added a ten-step transformation checklist to get you started immediately. A comprehensive goal-setting section ensures that you are establishing the right goals and maximizing your potential. The new program features a journal for you to log your training sessions and track your progress during the entire 10 weeks. Plus I've added a proper form section to ensure safety and effectiveness. In short, the new version of the TSC Heart of a Champion Training & Nutrition Program is the most powerful transformation guide ever created.

Plus the distribution of the new program is much easier. I used to require TSCers to submit an honest head-to-toe bathing suit "before photo" before they could access the program, plus there were delays on my end as it took longer to process the program requests with the photo requirement. Now, you can download the program instantly anywhere in the world. It will certainly be the wisest investment you ever make. Imagine improving the way you look, feel and perform everyday for the rest of this summer and making a transformation that maximizes your potential and allows you to live a longer, fuller, happier life. You'll look great, feel confident and be your best.

By following the program you will see incredible results naturally. You'll be amazed at how much your body will transform in such short amount of time. The program provides the direct path to true health and fitness. It's up to you to follow the path and Make it happen. There are no shortcuts, just constant and consistent improvement towards your full potential. That means you looking, feeling and being your personal best.

The sooner you start, the sooner you see the results, it's that simple. You can feel better immediately and improve yourself everyday for the rest of summer. Get started today and you will finish the program on August 22nd, that's just two and a half short months away. Anyone can do this, now it's your choice....

The program is available at a special introductory price right here: http://www.tscheartofachampionprogram.com/ right now.

Rise to the challenge and MAKE IT HAPPEN.


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