Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Nutrition-10, The 10 Simple Principles for Proper Nutrtion


The better you eat, the better you feel, it's as simple as that. The Nutrition-10 is not a diet, it is a guide to healthy eating. The Nutrition-10 is constant, this is how you should eat all the time, whereas the word diet implies that you will go on the diet and then back off the diet, resulting the yo-yo effect of: weight loss followed by weight gain, followed by another diet, in a vicious cycle.

Instead the Nutrition-10 gives you 10 simple rules for everyday living that will help you burn fat, build muscle, feel better. and transform your body.

It's easy to eat better, just follow 10 simple rules everyday and you'll notice remarkable improvement:

1. Hydrate with Water

2. Eat Six Meals

3. Eat Balanced Meals

4. Meet your Macro-nutrient Goals

5. Know Your Serving Sizes

6. Replenish

7. Utilize the Bedtime Snack

8. Plan Ahead

9. Utilize Smart Snacks

10. Enjoy Your Reward Meal

TSCers remember the goal is constant and consistent improvement. Remember we aren't perfect, but it is our humanity that allows us to be great and therein lays the challenge. If you break one of the rules on the Nutrition-10, realize the mistake and move on. The important thing is to continually strive to improve.

That's everything you need to know, all the basics, all the fundamentals, now it's up to you. Make it Happen!



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