Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Build Muscle and Burn Fat at The Same Time? Sí Se Puede!

Of course it's possible for us to build muscle and burn fat at the same time! The empirical evidence for this is insurmountable. People from all walks of life have experienced these exact results. I'm experiencing them right now.

It's simple. You have a dream, "I wanna get back in shape." From there, the Achievers set a goal, "I want to burn X-pounds of fat and build X-pounds of muscle, in the next 10 weeks."

Then the Achievers make a plan like, "I'll follow the Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program. Plus I will do 3-5 Bonus Program activities per week."

Yes, yes, of course, but how do you BUILD muscle and BURN fat at the SAME TIME? Don't you have to eat at a caloric deficit to burn fat? Shouldn't you have to eat at a caloric surplus to build muscle? How does it work?


BURN FAT: Fat burning is created by eating at a caloric deficit. A pound of fat stores 3500 calories, ergo to burn a pound of fat per week a person must eat at a caloric deficit of 500 calories per day, for a week (500 cals x 7 days = 3500 cals).

BUILD MUSCLE: New muscle is created by stimulating muscle growth (i.e. weight training) whilst the body has proper nourishment, or building blocks; this includes enough protein (0.6 grams per pound of your GOAL WEIGHT, or more) amino acids, vitamins, minerals and energy (energy is just another word for "calories").

Training with weights, breaks down your muscles, it actually tears them on a microscopic level. After a workout the body must use energy (i.e. burn calories) to repair this damage (this is what I call "After Burn") to make your muscles bigger, better and stronger so that they will be able to handle a similar workload in the future. Your body needs energy to do this, so where does it come from? YOUR STORED BODY FAT, it's FULL OF CALORIES! 3500 per pound to be exact! Thus you are losing Body Fat and Gaining Muscle at the exact same time, on the cellular level!

So as long as you have excess stored energy (a body fat over 6% for a male) and proper nourishment you can BURN FAT and BUILD MUSCLE at the exact same time.

Remember, when your heart is elevated into the "Cardio Zone" you are usually burning Carbs, but when the body repairs itself from a workout, usually while you are sleeping, you're heart rate is much lower and you are in the "Fat Burning Zone." The human body is a marvelous creation, get the most out of yours. Push it to the limit, walk along the razors edge.

Now TSCers, Burn Fat and BUILD MUSCLE.... TRANSFORM!

-Chris Krueger
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you are legen- wait for it - dary
but one question, if i want to build muscle faster, what do i have to eat more, carbs, calories or protein??

nataliya said...

If you are interesting to know how to build muscles, it will take hard work, determination, discipline and concentration. People don’t want to wait for their body muscles. Remember this you can’t gain muscles overnight.

Elfer said...

It can happen but not just one or two nights, it takes time but if focused and dicipline it can reach your goals.

burn the fat build the muscle

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